Разница между all, everybody и everything

Сегодня мы рассмотрим разницу между all, everybody и everything. Тема на уровне elementary — pre-intermediate не простая.
1) all the people = everybody
• I think everybody(all the people) enjoyed the party.
• If (all the people)everybody is ready, I’ll begin.
2) all + relative clause(all that) = everything
• I told him all that I could remember.
• It was the result of all that had happened previously.
Эта структура часто имеет отрицательное значение: ‘nothing more’ или ‘the only thing(s)’.
• All I did was wash the little girl’s ears.
• All I’ve got is a number.

Выбираем между all, everybody и everything

Come to the table … — breakfast is ready.
(everybody ) everybody|everything
I will arrange … .
(everything ) all|everything
Noel and I do … together…
(everything ) everything|everybody
It was … that I had.
(all ) everybody|all
Molton Brown was the only salon producing its own shampoos and hair-care products, … based on herbal recipes…
(all ) everybody|all

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