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Тема Better late than never

А давайте попробуем по рассуждать на тему Later better than never? Предлагаю ознакомиться с отрывком вступления по этой теме. В приведенном примере следует расширить доказательную базу и подвести итоги. А как бы вы продолжили ответ по данной теме?

Сочинение по теме Better late than never

As for me, the statement is a doubtless truth. I am deeply convinced that there is nothing worse than an unrealized dream or an unfulfilled plan. At the same time people often try to justify their laziness and unwillingness to do anything by convincing themselves and others that it is too late to change anything now. It is a very comfortable position, as they don’t have to do anything. Contrary to that concept, I firmly believe that it’s never too late to act, especially when it comes to something you’d like to do very much. So often I hear my mother and grandmother moaning about what they’d like to do and change, but these complaints always end up with the phrase «but it’s too late now”. The last words always make me feel extremely angry because I can’t understand what prevents them from doing what they want. They have the time, they have the opportunities, but they are too lazy to make the effort and the words «it’s too late” become a mere excuse.
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