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Confusing words (CAE) Part 10

Продолжаем публикацию материалов по теме Confusing words (CAE).  Рабочего материала по данной теме должно хватить еще на две публикации и потом будет готовиться интерактивный тест по данной теме.

Список изучаемых пар слов

В этой публикации мы забираем разницу в значении таких пары слов как: alternate — alternative, distinct — distinctive, urban — urbane, sanguine — sanguinary, credible — credulous — creditable. В предлагаемых упражнениях слова даны белым цветом и видны при выделении.

Разница между alternate и alternative.

Alternate actions, events, or processes keep happening regularly after each other.
You use alternative to describe something that can be used, had, or done instead of something else.
1.Private cars are banned from the city on alternate days.
2.High vehicles must take an alternative route because of low clearance under the bridge.
3.Government funding of alternative health care is virtually non-existent.
4.We saw each other on alternate Sunday nights.
5.The opposition parties have so far failed to set out an alternative strategy.
6.The two courses are available in alternate years.

Разница между distinct и distinctive.

If one thing is distinct from another, there is an important difference between them.
You use distinctive to describe things which have a special quality that makes them easy to recognize.
1.There’s a distinct smell of cigarettes in here.
2.She’s got a very distinctive voice
3.Mars is sometimes called the Red Planet because of its distinctive colour.
4.The unusual-looking leaves give the plant its distinctive appearance.
5.The sales chart shows a distinct decline in the past few months.
6.There’s a distinct possibility that I’ll be asked to give a speech.

Разница между sanguine и sanguinary.

If you are sanguine about something, you are cheerful and confident that things will happen in the way you want them to.
Sanguinary actions are violent and cruel, involving a lot of killing
1.They are less sanguine about the prospects for peace.
2.He’s remarkably sanguine about the problems involved…
3.As he climbed through her bedroom window she would flee down the stairs, slamming the door on his sanguinary hand.
4.In all of this sanguinary excess, it is the guilty who die.
5.They have begun to take a more sanguine view.

Разница между urban и urbane.

Urban means `belonging or relating to cities or towns’.
Someone who is urbane is well-mannered and relaxed.
1.The council is committed to a programme of urban regeneration.
2.She describes him as urbane and charming…
3.By day, this urbane, well-educated man mastered complex problems in a high-tech consulting firm.
4.Pollution has reached disturbingly high levels in some urban areas.
5.The speaker gave an interesting presentation on urban transport.
6.John Herschel was an urbane, kindly and generous man.

Разница между credible, credulous и creditable.

If something is credible , it can be believed.
People who are credulous are always ready to believe what other people tell them, and are easily deceived.
A performance, achievement, or action that is creditable is of a reasonably high standard.
1.They haven’t produced any credible evidence for convicting him.
Credulous women bought the mandrake root to promote conception.
2.The story of what had happened to her was barely (= only just) credible.
3.The Green Party won a creditable 16 per cent of the vote.
4.This is not credible to anyone who has studied the facts.
5.Quinn charmed credulous investors out of millions of dollars.
6.He polled a creditable 44.8 percent.
7.Few people are credulous enough to believe such nonsense.
8.Their performance was even less creditable.

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