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Тема Describe the house or the flat where you live Destination B1

Ещё одно сочинительство на олимпиадную тему с ограниченным словарным запасом (destination B1). Обсудим топик Speak about the role of hobbies in people’s lives и будем готовы к устному ответу по теме?

Сочинение по теме Describe the house or the flat where you live

Your home is a place where you come after a hard day at school or work. It is a place where we feel safe and sound and expect to have no problems. To make out houses cosy we do our best to decorate them in the way which will please the eye. Most people in our country live in flats which look alike, but we are happy to live in a house. If you live in a flat you can do very little just paint the ceiling or paper the walls. If you want to do anything else you have to get permission from the town’s architect. Otherwise you break a law if you change something in your flat I mean things like breaking down walls in your flat. If you live in a house you can do a lot to change it in the way you like. People often do something to make their houses more personal. Our house has two storeys. My parents are fond of Britain. So everything is organised in a British way. We live on the first floor, common rooms are on the ground floor. It’s very convenient that strangers have limited access to our private things. Our private rooms I mean our bedrooms are full of things which can tell you a lot about us. My father has so many stamp catalogs in his room that any look at them is enough to understand that he is a keen collector. People like him praise silence and isolation of rooms under lock and key. If a person likes something his passion takes many forms to leave peculiar traces. My mum is crazy about classical music. She has her own piano in her room. She practices playing the piano almost every evening. When I was young I would listen her playing the piano for hours. Happily enough, she is too tactful not to make me follow her steps. I am an amateur painter. I prefer splashes of colour to voices of music. My room is covered with sheets of paper: various drafts and unfinished pictures. the carried away with a newly born idea finds it difficult to resume his broken off activity. I am interested in painting and have been attending art school for 3 years. Everyone in our family has a chance to be alone when it’s needed but when we want to share our emotions we can go downstairs. The heat of a fireplace helps us to relax and have a nice evening together. I wish I had a house like that when I grow up and live on my own.
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