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Упражнение на пассивный залог по Destination B1 Часть 2

В этом упражнении на пассивный залог вам предлагается вычеркнуть лишнее слово.
Упражнение на исправление ошибок будет позднее и является логическим продолжение данного поста.

Упражнение на пассивный залог

1. He has been being defeated by their champion.
[ being]
2.Were you be trained this movement?
[ be]
3. The concert was being canceled last night.
[ being]
4.The instructions will be are given to you soon.
[ are]
5.My report were had been revised several times already
[ were]
6. Our accommodation will be been booked before we reach our destination.
[ been]
7.Luggage must be being checked at customs.
[ Text]
8.Flats in our neighborhood are often rented with by couples.
[ with]
При выделении блоков [ ], вы можете ознакомиться с ответами.

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