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Тема Speak about friendship in your life Destination B1

Продолжаем переписывать топики устных выступлений на олимпиадах ограничив себя лексикой из Destination B1. Сейчас разбираем тему Speak about friendship in your life Понятно, что это не уровень победителей районных и последующих этапов олимпиад, но многим участникам олимпиад и B1, как уровень устной речи, очень приличная вершина.

Сочинение по теме Speak about friendship in your life

Friends are very important. They are people who are not related by blood, but they are very close to us. Surprisingly enough, a friend can be more understanding and willing to help than your relative except your mum and dad. When we have problems friends always support us. They are with you when you are about to do something so they will be with to enjoy your victory or cheer you up if you happen to fail. They are not jealous of our success, they are proud of us. He will never turn his back at the time of distress. You’ll hardly hear him saying that  it serves you right. Not every relative admires us for the things at which we are talented. A good friend is always loyal.  It doesn’t mean that you never fall out. People sometimes argue with each other about something, but those who are ready to appologise are good friends. True friends care about each other and never let anything make them split up. I am proud to say that I have one true friend. A friend to all is a friend to none. As for me this saying is simplicity itself. If you are asked for help by different people at the same time you can’t help all of them. Nobody can be in two different places simultaneously. We are never fed up with each other. We are fond of different things. I am crazy about languages whereas my friend is keen on chemistry. As you see our interests are not similar. We can explain difficult things to each other. My friend is my adviser if I miss a few chemistry lessons and if he/she happens to be inattentive during foreign language lessons we can sort this problem out with my help. If we don’t know the answers to our questions we easily find a book to look up. We aren’t bored when we are together we use our imagination to find amusement in simple things. It’s quite often that your friend is your peer or at least your approach to many things is similar. Though grown-ups are more knowledgeable you can’t always turn to them and hear that he wishes he had such problems. Adults tend to forget that kids also have problems which seem to be big enough for them to tackle. Your friend will always take your problems seriously and it’s possible you will come up with some solution to them.
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Январь 7, 2015