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Тема Speak about the importance of sport and healthy lifestyle Destination B1

В качестве лексического донора для ответа по теме Speak about the importance of sport and healthy lifestyle можно, с натяжкой,  предложить юнит Body and lifestyle.
Придется заимствовать лексику из других юнитов… По условию проводимого эксперимента, я должен использовать преимущественно лексику из Destination B1. Вы же можете составить для себя списки типовой лексики и пользоваться ими. Наличие тематической лексики украшает высказывание и почему бы не пользоваться этим приемом? В дополнению к моим размышлениям предлагается отрывок ответа по теме.

Сочинение по теме Speak about the importance of sport and healthy lifestyle

If you look at teenagers you may think that they don’t fully understand the importance of sport and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, they often behave in a childish way though they know how important sport and healthy lifestyle are . Due to their carelessness they may become addicted to fast food and fizzy drinks. These insensible things sometimes lead to illnesses. Many pupils like to miss lessons but very few of them want to be ill so as not to attend school. None likes being weak and miserable. It usually takes some time to recover apart from that the whole process is painful and sometimes lengthy. As for me, I dislike lying down and taking medicine so I do everything so as not to be at risk of falling ill. My recipe for being healthy is to do sports and mind what you eat. Being in shape gives a feeling that you are capable of doing almost everything. You may have a lot of interesting ideas but you will never put them into practice if you have little energy. Some people complain about making careless mistakes thinking that they are simply absent minded. They fail to realise that they are under stress and overworked. You can’t expect yourself to be perfect if you are half-sleepy. Doing sport increases your ability to concentrate while being involved into some mental activity. My favourite sporty activity is jogging. You can’t call it a proper sport though it is as beneficial as any other kind of sport. I usually jog in the evening as I don’t want to be tired in the morning. Having run a few kilometers in the morning puts some unnecessary pressure on your body. If you do it in the evening it will help you fall asleep without problems. Healthy lifestyle is also important. It includes eating high quality food and avoiding bad habits like smoking. You may be as healthy as a bull when you are a teenager and do a lot of damage to your health by acting insensibly. Sleep deprivation is a problem not only for grown-ups but teenagers as well. If you stay up in the evening you’ll definitely have problems with your concentration in the following morning.  If you can’t be attentive you have no way to make up for it as your brain will simply be out of order. I value what I already have I mean my current state of health and I am going to do everything not to let it become worse. Eating affects our health greatly and it would be unwise to forget about it and start eating low quality food such as most of fast food. I prefer vegetables and fruit though I am not a vegetarian and would hardly say no to a good piece of meat if it is properly cooked. Smoking is such a bad thing that I don’t understand why people start smoking. It is a mystery to me why they poison themselves. This habit brings no pleasure, but bad breathing and yellow teeth and skin. What we do is an investment in your future so mind what you do.
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Февраль 7, 2015