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Очередная «виртаульная» поездка в Британию -Speak about the places you would like to visit in Britain … Сколько их было? А сколько ещё будет …

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Every person learning English dreams of visiting this country. It is believed that the only way to learn a foreign language is to go to a country where it is naturally spoken. Nowadays it is possible to learn any language without leaving your native/home town. Thanks to the Internet you can do many things in the comfort of your home. Some say that you can travel around the world by using live broadcasts from web cams located in many parts of the world. You can see the picture captured and broadcast with them, but I think it is not the right way to travel. One of the place to visit is the Lake District, in my opinion. It is a place of astonishing beauty. It is said to have been a source of inspiration for a group of English poets. If you are interested in nature, I would strongly recommend finding some time to visit this place while you are in Great Britain. I dislike overcrowded place so I would go northwards to Scotland. London is full of tourists and almost every part of it is such a common place that it would be boring to be there where everything is known from various travel books. I wouldn’t say that reading about the place is the same as visiting it but there is no novelty in it. My choice is to visit less explored places for instance Hadrian’s wall. Very few tourist go there as many people regard it as a boring place but for me it is a place where little has changed since the time it was built. Time travelling in not a thing to miss. Finding yourself in such a historic place you are starting to understand that the usual rat race is so unimportant. There have always been truly important things like family and friends. One more place I want to visit is Edinburgh Castle. It is undoubtedly is the city’s most iconic monument. Some say that Edinburgh Castle was a model for those tho created Hogwarts. All castles are beautiful but not each of them is so breathtaking. If you are keen on Scottish history you can pay a visit to the National Museum of Scotland where you can find out a lot about the history of the country which is still in the shadow of its neighbour, but it also has a lot to offer. The Highlands is yet another attraction in Scotland. Mountains alone are gorgeous but mountains in Scotland are closely connected with people who lived there and fought for the country’s independence. Heroes like William Wallace are difficult to forget. Fighters for freedom are so romantic and many people adore them.
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