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Тема Speak about the role of hobbies in people’s lives Destination B1

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Сочинение на тему Speak about the role of hobbies in people’s lives

After a hard day’s work, most people want to have some rest. When you are tired and ready to fall apart you don’t feel like being involved into something active which will take energy. What you may need is to lie down and do nothing since you are utterly exhausted both physically and mentally. You have nothing to do, but wait.  After sometimes a lengthy period of time you may decide on taking part in something which is more energetic and entertaining.  I mean hobbies. None is going to drive himself to exhaustion. There are different hobbies to take up. Some of them are creative and useful, others are useless and don’t help people build up practical skills. I don’t want to say those whose hobbies are in my opinion useless are bad people. They are good people but their choice of a hobby was not particularly successful. Hobbies are for entertainment, not for profit, so you may do whatever you want, but I prefer to cautious since hobbies may take up a considerable amount of time and it’s advisable not to waste your precious time.  A daily routine may make you addicted to something less energetic I mean the things you do just for fun. Playing video games and surfing the Net may cheer you up, but none has run away from every day’s problems just pretending that they don’t exist. As for me they are recipes for tomorrow’s problems but not cures for today’s ones. As I have told you before, I prefer creative and useful hobbies. Creative hobbies let you learn how to do something which is both useful and practical. Knitting and designing your own clothes are perfect examples of hobbies of this kind. You spend some of your time on something and in the end you’ll get a wonderful scarf, for instance. If you know how to do something you will not have to wait to have it done by other people. To my mind, useful hobbies are doing sports or learning foreign languages. Joining a sport club may help you get over many illnesses. Prevention is better than cure. As for learning something by yourself we should remember that your formal education ends when you leave school, but your self-education should never stop. My hobby is learning English. Reading out my favorite book in the original lets me imagine that I am among its heroes who are ready to set off for new adventures. Being able to speak it will be useful in any occupation I may have in the future. When I am on my way to or from school I listen to audiobooks. It helps me  to understand spoken English better. I don’t like watching films in English as most films are boring and the topics discussed are either limited or far fetched. By reading books you gain more relevant vocabulary  than that from films. Writers are usually more clever than scriptwriters. The former write in a meaningful way. The latter don’t bother to put much energy in words as they have visual means of conveying an idea.
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