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Тема East and west home is best

При подготовке к устному высказыванию на олимпиаде найдите список из 100 наиболее известных поговорок на английском и просмотрите его повнимательнее, так как всегда есть вероятность наткнуться на одну из них. Некоторые топики просты (East and west home is best), а есть и заковыристые и с лету можно и не раскусить.

Если вы столкнулись с неизвестной поговоркой и не правильно ее поняли, то все для вас закончится как только вы начнете свое повествование. Если вы рассказываете не о том о чем вас спросили, то даже самое замечательное высказывание получит минимальную оценку. В заданную тему над вписаться как и в поворот точно и без надрыва.
А сейчас представляю вам пример устного высказывания по указанной в заголовке теме.

Сочинение по теме East and west home is best

This proverb is true for most people, as it represents one of the major feelings of human beings: attraction to their birthplace, to their homes. The saying can be understood in two ways. Firstly it may mean that people are always drawn to their birthplace, so it concerns attraction to one’s motherland. And secondly it may refer only to home as to the place where you live, a much more limited space. Let’s deal with the first definition first. It’s a well known fact that there is no place like motherland. Many people who had left for another country later regretted their decision even despite all seeming advantages. They found that they were irresistibly drawn to the motherland they had left. It has been scientifically proved that there is something in people’s brain that will always make them attracted to the place they were born. And what concerns home in its usual understanding, the matter is perfectly clear. Home is the place where our closest people are, the place where our families are always waiting for you. And that is why you always want to come back. No other place can offer so much love, understanding and warmth.
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