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Ответы на вопросы к олимпиадным темам по английскому языку… Часть 4

Любой вопрос надо уметь развить до уровня темы. Если вы это умеете делать, то в ночь перед устным высказыванием вы можете спать спокойно.

Ответы на вопросы к олимпиадным темам по английскому языку

What attracts you in your future profession?
Can you check whether your choice of the profession is right?
What is your favourite subject?

What attracts you in your future profession?

People may take an interest in different aspects of their future occupation. Some say if they are paid well they are ready to do almost everything. People of this kind have no professional ambitions and they are highly unlikely to reach heights in any sphere. I firmly believe that there should be something apart from a high salary which arouses a person’s interest in his profession. As for me it is the freedom of my profession which appeals to me. Translators are not expected to follow the nine to five routine sitting in a dusty office situated in the middle of nowhere. You may work from your house by sending a detailed description of your work to your boss if you are translating a book or an article. If you prefer to work with people you are expected to accompany them helping them to get their ideas across while communicating with other people who can speak their mother tongue only. In any case your work is a challenge. The conditions of your work are different every day. You have to master your skills so as to live up to tomorrow’s challenge. Some say that it is a time and energy consuming job but it’s what I like about it most of all.

Can you check whether your choice of the profession is right?

As for me it is a genuinely weird question. How can anyone be sure of anything in our world where everything may take strange forms and shapes. A decade ago a mobile phone was a novelty and nowadays it is a necessity without which we can imagine our life. When the first computer was created none in their right mind could have claimed that it would have any future. Nowadays many people find employment in the spheres related to maintaining computers of different forms. Those who wanted to work as software engineers were regarded as geeks who are out of the real world. Yesterday’s geeks are looked up to yesterday’s favorites — lawyers and economists. The only thing you can say for sure is whether you live up to the standard of a true specialist once you make up your mind about your future profession. I wanna be a translator. I hope I am cut out for being one. I am good at languages and like communicating with people and I am fully aware that my future profession calls for constant brushing up my knowledge of languages. It’s a formidable challenge to be a true specialist but I want to do my best to become one.

What is your favourite subject?

Pupils usually like subjects which are relatively easy for them to do. In general, most people have a liking for those kinds of activities in dealing with which they are a success. I don’t want to say that I am bad at using foreign languages but I like learning them just because I like a process of learning how to get ideas across using another language. I find it fascinating. Turning a message in one language into a message in another one is an adventure. Replacing words from the original message with similar words in a target language is not enough. Ideas behind words are worth translating, not mere words. A game of words is what attracts me in foreign languages. For some pupils attending lesson is an intolerable burden but I am always willing to stay at school for extra-curriculum lessons not mentioning compulsory ones. I like my lessons as they are a door to my ambition of becoming a good specialist in languages

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Февраль 1, 2015