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Тема False friends are worse than open enemies

В данной заметке я предлагаю разобраться с устным высказыванием по теме False friends are worse than open enemies.
Не знаю, что бы я писал бы на эту тему сейчас, но три года назад получилось следующее и  я предлагаю вашему вниманию топик:

Сочинение на тему False friends are worse than open enemies

At first it may seem a straightforward question. Nobody wants to be let down no matter whether it results in irreparable losses or not. Every one wants to have as friends only those on whom you may count whatever happens. A true friend is a kind of priceless treasure. Everyone may run up against a problem which he can’t get through on his own. Having a person to turn to may come in handy.
On second thoughts, the topic reveals its depth. It’s a tricky question. For some people it’s Hobson’s choice. It depends on the person what to do. Some prefer being deceived that everything is ok. Feeding yourself on false hopes is sweeter than facing the truth. Only few have enough bravery not to conceal the truth and keep their eyes wide open to see through those you hope to regard as friends. Sometimes temptation is so irresistible that we can fall for a trap in spite of being fully aware of it.
As for me I would rather be alone than be fooled. I reckon people never change. The promises we are given may be false and consequently misleading. Those who did harm to you once wouldn’t be loving for long. Sooner or later they would reveal their true faces. I firmly believe don’t want to be fooled and this will not happen to you. Miracles take place rarely but it is not necessary that today is the day when it does happen.
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