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Топик Family ties are the strongest

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Как вы видите по названию, тема (Family ties are the strongest) принадлежит к набору тем, в которых суть высказывания определяется, то ли поговоркой, то ли фразеологизмом. Для удачного ответа следует заранее ознакомить участника хотя бы с темами устных высказываний. Получить за свой ответ штамп «не по теме» очень не хочется.

Сочмнение по теме Family ties are the strongest

I absolutely agree with this statement and I strongly believe that everything begins in the family. I am convinced that family is one of the most important things in life, as it has a great influence on us. Since we copy our parent’s model of behavior it plays a great part in shaping our character. Also people who are closest to us teach us moral principles, which we would carry throughout our lives and which would determine the way we behave ourselves, which is also very important. A person, brought up in a family, where loving atmosphere was always present, is almost certain to be caring and loving to his relatives when he creates his own family.
But it’s not only learning something from your family that makes it so important. It’s more the fact that family is the place where you will always be understood and encouraged. I suppose that without this «feeling of shoulder” we would have felt weak and unsupported. Our family’s love gives us the strength to carry on. Home is something like a fortress to us: a fortress where you will always feel safe and loved.
People in a family are usually very close to each other and that’s why our relatives are the ones we trust most and that’s very important too. The mutual trust, respect and love make family the strongest bond imaginable. It links up people, makes them stronger and more harmonic inside. Feeling loved is of vital importance, especially now, when there is so much violence and cruelty around.
On the whole, I don’t think that modern community could exist without families. They are like bricks of a building: they seem small, but without them the whole structure couldn’t exist.
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На данный момент вы без особого труда найдете учебные пособия по подготовке к устной части международных экзаменов приложениями которых являются диски с записями примерных ответов. Ознакомившись с ними вы узнаете для себя много интересного. Особенно интересно сравнить примеры ответов на уровнях fce и cae и задуматься, а чем они отличаются?

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