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Тема Fast food is not so bad?

Надо быть готовым к любым неожиданностям. Fast food is not so bad? Кроме тем из списков прошлых лет приходится продумывать много всякой всячины.

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Сочинение по теме Fast food is not so bad?

Those who pursue a career and pay all their attention to their job regard fast food as an ideal meal. On account of being too busy with work they prefer eating a hamburger with a view to saving time. Furthermore, fast food is rather inexpensive. So it’s suitable for people who are short of money. In addition, junk food seems to be very tasty. However, incredible taste is brought about by numerous additives and artificial flavourings put into it. They make food look good and feel tasty. Without it hardly anyone would eat chips or cheeseburgers. Because fast food is made out of the cheapest ingredients such as fat meat and low-quality oil which are highly unhealthy and do harm to our body.
As for me, I have never set my foot in McDonalds. I’m not pulling your leg! I have always been told by my parents that junk food is not a positive thing and in no circumstances should I eat it. That’s why I always turn down all offers of going to fast food restaurants. I’ m not eager to try sth to which I can become addicted. I detest the feeling of being dependent on sth, so any extra precautions won’t do me any harm. As I’m convinced, we are what we eat, so eating proper food is of great importance if you want to keep fit and be healthy. In conclusion I want to say, that regardless of all the advantages of fast food, try to keep off chips or french fries or sth like that provided you don’t want to put on extra kilos and do damage to your health.
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