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First Certificate Skills Use of English Harrison Mark Unit 1

Этой публикацией начнется серия заметок с дополнительными упражнениями к First Certificate Skills: Use of English by Harrison Mark. Нельзя сказать, что этот учебник является равнозначным по объему Destination B2, но лишним он не будет тоже.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на способы выражения частотности

Time [after] time I’ve told her not to read my private papers.
I’ve told you [time] and time again — mind what to say.
I still meet her once in a [while].
I read the passage over and [over] again till I got everything right.
She lives in Vitebsk, so I [hardly] ever meet her.
As a [rule], I stay up before I finish with my duties.
I play video games [now] and then, but not as often as I used to.
It rained [all] the time he was in London.
You can be tediously boring at [times], you know.
As [often] as not, he fails to pass his professional tests.
From time to [time] I still smoke a cigarette.
She came to Minsk [now] and again. To be precise, one time per month.
[Every] so often I treat myself to a book by my favourite writer.
Everything will be fine [in] a while. Be patient.
Sometimes I go out for lunch, but [most] of the time I bring some food from home.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на фразовые глаголы

It is [ up to ] the headmistress to appoint the chairman.
He might be [ away ] then. You’d better phone him.
I do [ with ] more copies for my lessons today. I can’t do [without] them.
Let’s go to the cinema next week. Guess what? My favourite will be [ on ].
I can’t print out my essay. We are [out of] paper.
This printer is out of order. Isn’t it time we did [ away with ] it?
This year will be your last one at school. You are expected to do [  up  ] your room before leaving school.
Shall we go to the amusement park when lessons are [ over ].

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на словообразование

I will make sure that it will be your most [memorable] day. MEMORY
The animals seemed to have been [peaceful] and happy. PEACE
[Personal] things shouldn’t be left unattended. PERSON
The concert was absolutely [marvelous]. We had a wonderful time. MARVEL
This excellent book will be a welcome [addition] to any library. ADD
We want to preserve our [cultural] heritage. CULTURE
You may find much [useful] information at the end of the book. USE
I don’t like reading [historical] novels. HISTORY
At first new comers are more curious and [energetic]. ENERGY
The last pages of the diary were [missing]. MISS
Breakfast may be served at no [additional] charge. ADD
When I was in Moscow I visited loads of [historic] buildings. HISTORY

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на устойчивые сочетания

As I didn’t want to [cause] confusion I repeated the instruction twice.
She was asked to [make] a statement but she refused to voice her opinion.
I said good bye to them since I had some work to [ do ].
Were I you, I wouldn’t [take] their threats seriously.
She didn’t even try to [make] an excuse for being late.
I [ had ] the feeling that they were lying.
She [made] a decision not to take part in the poetry competition.
I have [ had ] several relationships before, but this is special.
[Take] your time and get ready for this exam. It is not so easy to pass as you might think at first.
Please [make] certain that everything is ready before you set out.
By the end of the year it was clear that they had [made] a profit.
I have never [ had ] a sympathy for dishonest people.
They [made] no suggestions. They simply rejected our plan.
Your final exam will [take] place in the astronomy tower on Monday.
I [made] the naive assumption that because it was popular it must have been of high quality.
Do you have any comments to [make] on that?
You have [made] a great contribution to our success.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на слова близкие по значению

She opened the bag, which [contained] sweets , cosmetics and her mobile.
A typical British breakfast always [includes] sausages and potatoes
My diet [consists] almost exclusively of vegetables and fish.
Running a kitchen [involves] a great deal of routine and boredom.

«Why did you ask?» «Oh, no [particular] reason, just keeping conversation.»
Divide the porridge among five [individual] dishes.
Not a [single] person offered to help me.
This problem is not [unique] to learners of Russian.

You don’t [earn] much money being a teacher.
They [won] a great victory last season.
The train [gained] speed going down the hill.
She has [achieved] very good exam results this term.

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