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First Certificate Skills Use of English Harrison Mark Unit 12

Завершаем серию заметок с дополнительными упражнениями к First Certificate Skills: Use of English by Harrison Mark. Этот учебник будет интересным дополнением к Destination B2.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на фразовые глаголы

I wouldn’t advise to count [ on ] him. He is not reliable enough.
I had to stay in the laboratory to carry [out] some additional tests.
I dislike him since he often shows [off].
They were trying to work [ out ] the cause of the explosion.
the results of the contests didn’t live [up to] my expectations. I felt disappointed.
After your arrive at the hotel, do check [ in ] and send me a telegram.
They decided to knock the building [down]. They were going to build a new shopping center.
If you want to pick [ up ] really useful skills don’t forget about self-education.
When you finish, hand [ in ] your essays. You will know the results on Monday.
Your shoes are starting to wear [out]. You need to buy a pair of new ones.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на предложные сочетания

I wasn’t guilty of breaking the window, at [least] there were several trouble makers in the room.
We were in [search] of the missing girl. Everyone was doing their best.
I didn’t like the performance [ at ] all. The acting was good, but the music was strange.
You must write [ by ] hand. Printouts are not allowed
We were driving [ at ] a pace of 50 kph when another car hit us.
In the [light] of recent discoveries, you should be more cautious while dealing with this material.
This belonged [ to ] my great grand father and it was handed down from one generation to another.
You don’t earn a lot as an engineer on [average].
According [ to ] the news report, the president visited a new hospital and talked with its patients.

First Certificate Skills: упражнение на словообразование

Her ​cheeks were ​aflame with [anger]. He shouldn’t have said that. ANGRY
Every ​day he sank​ further and ​further into severe [depression]. DEPRESS
She ​tried to ​look uninterested, but we could all ​see the [amusement] in the ​eyes. AMUSE
Her [nervousness] led to making countless spelling mistakes. NERVE
An [excited] ​crowd ​waited for the ​actress to appear on the stage. EXCITE
He was ​overtaken by a ​sudden ​wave of [tiredness]. TIRED
Not passing the ​final ​exam was a ​real [disappointment] for me. DISAPPOINT
We are ​deeply [saddened] by his sudden outburst of anger. SAD
His [fascination] with martial ​arts ​dates from her ​childhood. FASCINATE
Sleeping is for many people a ​form of [relaxation]. RELAX
To my [amazement], we won that game against the eagles. AMAZE
There are no ​easy [solutions] to many ​problems. SOLVE
I ​found the ​whole ​situation ​really [embarrassing]. EMBARRASS
Thank you for this [delightful] evening. DELIGHT

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