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Фразовые глаголы c down

В этой записи мы обратимся к фразовым глаголам с down. Кроме теоретической части вам предлагается и упражнение для закрепления по этой теме.

Список фразовых глаголов с down

be down with
go down with * заболеть чем-то (слечь от болезни)
break down
1) (int) (of machinery) stop working * перестать работать, поломаться
2) (int) (of a person) lose control of feelings * потерять контроль над эмоциями
3) (int) fail (talks/negotiations etc) * провалиться (о переговорах)
4) (tr) separate under headings * разделить по группам
5) (tr) destroy * разрушать
bring down
1)(tr) cause to fall * снести
2) reduce prices * снизить цены
3) to remove from power * отключить от источника энергии
come down
1) move to a lower level * (об уровне) понизиться
2) (of planes) to land * приземлиться (о самолетах)
3) fail * провалиться
cut down
1) reduce length of sth * уменьшить длину
2) cause to fall by cutting * срубить
do down
(tr) speak badly of sb * плохо отзываться о ком-то
get down
1) (tr) swallow with difficulty * проглотить что-то с трудностями
2) (tr) depress * быть в подавленном состоянии
3) descent * спуститься
go down
1) be reduced * уменьшиться
2) (of the sun) set * сесть (о солнце)
3) to sink * утонуть
4) to be swallowed * проглотить
hold down
keep sth at a lower level * держать на низком уровне
keep down
1)(tr) cause to remain at a lower level * понизить
2) repress * подавить
3) (of feelings) to control * сдержать эмоции
let down
1) (tr) (of clothes) lengthen * удлинять (об одежде)
2) (tr) disappoint * расстроить
3) lower * понизить что-то
look down on
(tr) despise * относиться к кому-то с пренебрежением
pay down
(tr) pay part of the price for sth and the rest over a period of time * заплатить долг по частям
pull down
(tr) demolish * снести
put down
1) (tr) write down; take down * записать
2) (tr) suppress forcibly * подавить
3) criticise * критиковать
4) pay a deposit for sth * платить по депозиту
put down to
(tr) attribute to * приписать, списать на
run down
1) (tr) knock down (with a vehicle) * сбить, переехать
2) (tr) speak badly of sb * плохо говорить о ком-то
3) (of a battery) lose power * сесть
4) (passive) be exhausted * быть уставшим
set down
to make rules * создавать правила
take down
1) lengthen a garment * удлинить одежду
2) separate into pieces in order to repair * разобрать, что бы починить
3) write down * записать
turn down
1) (tr) refuse an offer * отказать в чем-то
2) (tr) reduce loudness * сделать тише
wear down
(tr) reduce opposition gradually * уменьшить накал противостояния

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы с down

1. She [broke] down when they told her the news.
2. [Break] down your essay. It is too long to take in.
3. Once you have finished, [bring] the machine down.
4. By that time I was [run] down so I gave in.
5. He couldn’t [keep] his feelings down when they told him about the disaster.
6. The news [got] him down so he left without a word.
7. It took him a year to [pay] his debt down. One installment each month.
8. Our skirt is too short. You’d better [let] it down.
9. He [put/took] down every word she slipped.
10. She [went] down with the flu after a long stroll on a winter evening.
11. You shouldn’t [do/run] your friends down. they don’t deserve it.
12. Once she [sets] down the rules, there’s nothing to change her mind.
13. They were trying to [run] the witness down but he was carefully guarded.
14. My printer [broke] down so I had to rewrite the article.
15. She was trying hard so as not to [let] her parents down.
16. He ordered to [cut] the trees down and build the tower instead.
17. The plane [came] down and we ran to greet the guest.
18. He [put] down his success to sheer luck.
19. Strong winds [brought] down the fence around the house.
20. They [turned] down his offer so he had to find other investors.
21. The Sun [went] down and we made a fire.
22. The peace talks [broke] down and the war resumed again.
23. I can’t phone him. My mobile has [run] down.
24. The pages of his favourite book had been [worn] down by years of use.
25. She was studying so she asked him to [turn] the music down.
26. He lost his life when his ship [went] down in the West Indies.
27. The bridge was [taken] down for safety reasons.
28. They alway [looked] down on him as he was not of their kind.
29. She had to [bring] the price down so as to sell it as soon as possible.
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