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Фразовые глаголы c for

В этой записи мы обратимся к фразовым глаголам с for. Кроме теоретической части вам предлагается и упражнение для закрепления по этой теме.

Список фразовых глаголов с for

be for
(tr) be in favour of * быть за какую-то идею
call for
1)(tr) need * требовать
2) demand * требовать
fall for
1) (tr) fall in love with sb * влюбиться в кого-то
2) (tr) be deceived * быть обманутым
go for
1) (tr) attack * напасть
2) (tr) apply for (a job) * претендовать на работу
3) to support * поддержать
4) to aim at sth * нацелиться на что-то
look for
search * искать
make for
(tr) go towards * направляться к
pay for
(tr) receive punishment * быть наказанным за что-то
see for oneself
form an opinion * придти ко мнению
stand for
1) (tr) represent / быть сокращением
2) (tr) tolerate; put up with / терпеть
3) believe in principles / верить во что-то
take for
(tr) identify wrongly * ошибочно принять за кого-то другого

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы с for

1. They [called] for more money and less workload.
2. She [looked] for it everywhere but it was fruitless.
3. He decided to [make] for a place where nobody knew him.
4. If you don’t believe me, go and [see] for yourself!
5. They [went] for us but we managed to defend the castle.
6. He couldn’t [stand] for her behaviour so they parted.
7. I [am] for your plan. We should find more allies.
8. It is understandable why he [fell] for such a beauty like her.
9. In the end he [paid] for his dishonesty and cruelty to other people.
10. It was brave of you to [stand] for your ideas but be more sensible next time.
11. The situation [calls] for urgent actions and brave decisions.
12. Many people [fell] for his false promises in no time.
13. They [took] him for an inspector and offered him a huge bribe.
14. AI [stands] for artificial intelligence.
15. She [went] for the vacancy but another person got it.
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