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Фразовые глаголы c off

В этой записи мы обратимся к фразовым глаголам с off. Кроме теоретической части вам предлагается и упражнение для закрепления по этой теме.

Список фразовых глаголов с off производными

be off
1) (tr) be absent from school*work * отсутствовать в школе, на работе
2) (int) to leave * уйти
3) (tr) to cease to want * разонравиться
break off
1)(tr) end a relationship*agreement * прекратить отношения, разорвать соглашение
2) (tr) stop temporarily * временно остановиться
bring off
to make sth succeed * поспособствовать успеху чего-либо
call off
(tr) cancel * отменить
carry off
1)(tr) handle a difficult situation successfully * успешно справиться с трудной ситуацией
2) take sb*sth by force * забрать что-то или кого-то силой
3) to take sb away from a place * увести кого-то из некого места
come off
1) (int) succeed * преуспеть в чем-то
2) leave sth * покинуть
3) to take place as planned * пройти как было запланировано
cut off
1) (tr) disconnect * отключить
2) (tr) isolate (usu places) * изолировать
fall off
decrease * уменьшиться
get off
1) escape punishment * избежать наказания
2) start a journey * начать путешествие
get off with
not to be punished * не быть наказанным
give off
(tr) emit (smells, heat, fumes etc) * испускать (о запахе)
go off
1) (int) explode (bomb) * взорваться (о бомбе)
2) ring (alarm) * сработать (о будильнике, охранном устройстве)
3) (int) (of food) spoil * испортиться (о пище)
4) to be switched off * быть выключенным
5) to succeed * преуспеть
hold off
1)(int) keep at a distance * держаться на расстоянии
2) delay * откладывать
keep off
1)(tr) stay away from; avoid * держать на расстоянии; избегать
2) to avoid (food, a habit) * избегать еды, привычки
3) to avoid mentioning a subject * избегать упоминания о чем-то
let off
1) (tr) not to punish * не наказать
2) make sth explode (fireworks) * взорвать (фейерверк)
make off
escape * сбежать
pass off as
(tr) pretend to be sth*sb else successfully * выдать себя за кого-то
pay off
1)(tr) pay sb to leave employment * рассчитаться с работником
2) to act in order to settle an old quarrel * пытаться примириться после старой ссоры
put off
1)(tr) postpone * отложить
2) discourage sb from liking sth * разочаровать
run off
1) (tr) make prints*copies * делать копии
2) escape (home, duty) * сбежать из дому, избежать обязанностей
see off
1)(tr) accompany a traveler to his*her plane, train etc * проводить кого-то на вокзале, в аэропорту
2) make sure sb leaves one’s property * убедиться, что кто-то оставил свою собственность
set off
(int) start a journey * начать путешествие
take off
1) (tr) remove clothes * снять одежду
2) (int) (of planes) leave the ground * взлететь
3) (tr) imitate * пародировать кого-то
4) (tr) (of time) take time as a holiday * взять отпуск
5) improve * улучшаться
6) reduce weight * сбросить вес
turn off
(tr) switch off * выключить
wear off
1)(int) stop gradually * постепенно уменьшаться
2) (of feelings) disappear slowly * постепенно исчезнуть

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы с off

1. I couldn’t find John as he [was] off work.
2. The old teacher did everything she could to [bring] her apprentices off.
3. They [let] him off for some unknown reason. I wish I knew it.
4. Her teaching career was beginning to [take] off when she was fired.
5. The meeting [came] off like anything else it was carefully planned.
6. The two countries decided to [break] off diplomatic relations.
7. Gregory tried to look cool but he couldn’t [carry] it off. yet another loss…
8. Though he didn’t [come/go] off he was quite persistent in his attempts to succeed.
9. She [was] off the idea which she found quite appealing at first.
10. I don’t understand how but he manages to [get] off with his unfair affairs.
11. Put the food into the fridge unless you want it to [go] off.
12. The criminals managed to [make] off with some stolen goods. The police failed to catch them.
13. I advise you to [hold] him off for a while. He looks suspicious.
14. She likes this kind of candles because of the smell they [give] off while burning.
15. While talking to him she [broke] off several times to check her email account.
16. I have been [paid] off recently but I want to find another job soon.
17. He decided to [turn] off the computer after downloading the document.
18. I’ll have to [run] off a few more copies before the lesson starts.
19. We are not ready to held the conference yet. Let’s [put] it off for a week.
20. It was funny for a while but the joy soon started to [wear] off.
21. My internet connection is not reliable so I often got [cut] off.
22. The terrorists had things mixed up and the bomb [went] off when there was no one in the building.
23. Please take your seats and fasten your belts before our plane [takes] off.
24. We have to think of something more effective since as our sales have [fallen] off.
25. You should [keep] off the topics which other people may find offending.
26. The weather was horrible and we decided to [call] off our trip to the country.
27. He [took] off his hat and coat before saying a word.
28. I don’t want to [put] you off your idea but it is not as good as you think.
29. She was [seen] off by all her relatives wishing her to win the national beauty contest.
30. He is capable of [taking] off many famous people. I think he will make a good comedian.
31. He was late again so he made up a tale of the alarm clock which didn’t [go] off.
32. The scene of crime was rather [cut] off so we had no witnesses.
33. She tried to [pass] off as a native but her accent was not good enough to foll him.
34. Let’s [hold] off making a decision until we have enough data.
35. [Keep] her off the things which may upset her. She is rather sensitive.
36. We decided to [set/get] off early to avoid traffic jams.
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