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Фразовые глаголы c out

В этой записи мы обратимся к фразовым глаголам с out. Кроме теоретической части вам предлагается и упражнение для закрепления по этой теме.

Список фразовых глаголов с out производными

be out
1) (int) be unfashionable * быть не модным
2) (int) (of light*fire) have stopped burning. * перестать гореть
3) (int) not to be at one’s home (in the office) * отсутствовать
4) (int) to become known * быть известным
5) to have been removed * быть удаленным
be out of
(tr) not to have sth; lack; run out of * закончиться
break out
1)(int) begin suddenly (war etc) * начаться неожиданно
2) (of) escape from a place * сбежать из
bring out
1)(tr) put on the market * выпустить на рынок
2) to cause sth to be known * сделать так, что бы нечто стало известным
call out
1)(tr) order to come to sb’s help * позвать на помощь
2) yell, shout * кричать
carry out
(tr) conduct an experiment * выполнить что-то
come out
1) (int) (of flowers) begin to blossom * расцвести
2) (int) be published * быть опубликованным
3) (int) (of stains) be able to be removed * о пятнах, которые можно удалить
4) go on strike * начать забастовку
5) (news, truth) be revealed * стать известным (о новостях, правде)
6) (sun) to appear * (о солнце) взойти
cut out
(tr) omit * опустить
be cut out for*to be
be suited for (a profession) * подходить для чего-то
do out
clean * чистить
do out of
deceive sb so as to gain sth * обмануть кого-то что бы заполучить что-то
draw out
1) (tr) encourage sb to be less shy * вселить в кого-то уверенность
2) (tr) take money out of a bank account * снять деньги со счета
fall out (with)
quarrel * ссориться с кем-то
get out
1)(int) (of news) become known * (о новости) стать известной
2) (of dirt) remove * вывести загрязнение
give out
1) (at) come to an end * подходить к концу
2) (tr) distribute * распределить
3) announce * объявлять
go out
1)(int) stop burning * перестать гореть
2) mix socially * выходить в люди
3) to cease to be fashionable * выйти из моды
hold out
1) (int) last * длиться
2) (int) persist * настаивать
keep out
(tr) exclude sb*sth * исключить
let out
1) (tr) release * выпустить
2) (tr) (of clothes) make larger * расшить одежду
3) say sth unintentionally * не преднамеренно раскрыть секрет
look out
(int) be careful * быть осторожным
look out for
(tr) be alert in order to see*find sb* sth * быть внимательным к чему-то или кому-то
make out
1) (tr) distinguish * рассмотреть
2) (tr) write out; fill in * написать, заполнить
3) understand * понять
pass out
1)(int) lose consciousness * потерять сознание
2) give out freely * раздать без ограничений
pull out
1)stop doing sth or being involved in sth * выйти из какой-то деятельности
2) (of trains*ships) leave * уехать
put out
(tr) extinguish (fire etc) * затушить
2) cause trouble * вызвать затруднения
3) make sth public * сделать что-то известным
be put out
be annoyed * быть расстроенным
run out of
(tr) no longer have a supply * закончиться (о ресурсах)
see out
1) (tr) accompany sb to the door*exit of a house*building * проводить до дверей
2) last until the end of a period of time * длиться до конца
set out
1) (int) start a journey * начать путешествие
2) intend * намереваться
stand out
(int) be noticeable * выделяться
take out
1) (tr) remove * убрать
2) (tr) clean (mark, dirt) * вычистить
3) take sb to the theater * сводить кого-то в театр
turn out
1) (tr) produce * производить
2) (int) prove to be * оказаться
3) empty one’s pockets* bag * вывернуть на изнанку карманы, сумку
4) force sb to leave * заставить кого-то уйти
work out
1) (tr) find a solution to a problem by reasoning of calculation * найти решение,ответ
2) (int) develop successfully * успешно развиваться
wear out
1) (tr) exhaust * быть изможденным
2) (int) use until no longer serviceable * использовать до конца

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы с out

1. Unless you put some wood into the fireplace, it will [be/go] out.
2. I can’t [make] out anything in this photo. I wisj it were of better quality.
3. He was shot while trying to [break] out of prison.
4. This type of dresses [is/has gone] out. You had better think of another one over there.
5. He tried to [do] me out of my money. He couldn’t make a fool of me.
6. It seems to me that you are [cut] out to become an MP. You have all the qualities one needs to be elected.
7. I have several tests to [carry] out before we can decide whether this medicine is effective or not.
8. Our secret plan [is/has come/has got] out so we have to retreat and think of anything new.
9. What can you [make] out of this situation? I have no idea how to sort it out.
10. Jack [is] out. Try looking for him at school or in the library.
11. Would you [let] the dog out at night, please?
12. Riots [broke] out in the southern province last week.
13. Could you give me a piece of advice how to [work] out this problem?
14. This company [turns] out wonderful chairs for restaurants.
15. We are going to [bring] out an updated version of their current program.
16. It took the bus 5 minutes to [pull] out of the station.
17. You’ll [wear] out your shoes trying to do that. It is not so simple.
18. She [passed] out when the policeman showed her some photos of her son.
19. Once you have finished, don’t forget to [put] out the fire before leaving the campsite.
20. If you don’t stop eating too much food, you will have [let] out your favourite dress.
21. You two seem to have [fallen] out again. You should stop quarreling over unimportant things.
22. They decided to [come] out on strike. They demanded for a pay rise.
23. We [are/have run] out of money. Shall we take a loan from a bank?
24. Snowdrops have [come] out. Winter has gone at last!
25. Hands up, please – don’t [call] out. I need your money and jewelery.
26. You have to wash it several times before these stains [come/get] out completely.
27. He [pulled] out of the game by saying that he had had enough.
28. The coach did everything he could to [draw] out his pupil. Too much was at stake.
29. I did not blame her for feeling [put] out. The situation was rather awkward.
30. Let’s hope this new job [works] out well for him. He deserves to become a success.
31. You never know what the final of an adventure may [turn] out to be.
32. Please [give/pass] out books around the class and start reading chapter 10.
33. Our resources will [give] out soon. We should find another source of food and money.
34. This model has several drawbacks. It will not [hold] out for long.
35. They [set] out on the first of November and nothing has been heard of them since then.
36. The battler [saw] the guest out and advised never to come back again.
37. [Make] out this form and we will have a ward about it latter.
38. While you are here, [do] out these cupboards. They are clattered and dusty.
39. She went to the nearest bank and [drew] out some cache.
40. Wash your skirt to [take] out these dirty spots.
41. All these adventures have [worn] us out. We need some rest.
42. [Look] out for strangers. They may prove to be dangerous.
43. He obviously [stood] out as a writer of romantic poetry. Nobody was as good as he.
44. I would be grateful to you if you would [cut/keep] out some facts from your report.
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