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Фразовые глаголы key word transformations and more 2

Продолжаем работу с фразовым глаголами по книге FCE Use of English by V Evans и отрабатываем материал в виде упражнений key word transformation. Данный тип упражнений не очень любим учащимися,но ,на мой взгляд, очень полезен, в особенности если их содержание более или менее вариативно.

Упражнение на фразовые глагол к FCE Use of English

1. I can’t wait to see his new film.
I am really [looking forward to seeing] his new film.
2. He made a decision to cancel the press conference.
He decided [to call off the] press conference.
3. This theory was suggested by him after a series of complex experiments.
Having conducted a series of complex experiments [he put forward this] theory.
4.My application for the job didn’t meet with approval.
They [turned down my] application for the job.
5. You should find someone to work instead of you while you are away.
You should find someone to [stand in for] you while you are away.
6. I will not tolerate your being inaccurate any more.
I will [ not put up with your] inaccuracy any more.
7.She advised me to reduce my weekly workload.
I was advised [to cut down on my] weekly workload.
8. After he had missed several lessons he couldn’t follow the teacher’s explanations.
Having missed several lessons he completely [fell behind with the] class.
9.The manager will deal with your complaint later.
The manager [will look into your] complaint later.
10. You may count on her. She will never disappoint you.
She is reliable. She will [never let you down].
11. I can’t read his essay. It is almost illegible.
I can [ hardly/not make out his handwriting]
12.They seem to be good friends.
They seem to [get on well with] each other.
13. He invented an excuse to explain his absence at school.
He [made up an excuse] so as not to be punished.
14. You shouldn’t neglect other people who are not as good as you are.
You shouldn’t [look down on other people] who are not as good as you are.
15. I hope he will be well again in a few days.
I am sure it will not take him long [get over his] illness.
16. She spent two hours in a traffic jam.
She [was held up] in a traffic jam for two hours.
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