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Готовимся к ЦТ по английскому языку тест по грамматике 3

Централизованное тестирование по английскому отличается специфичным выбором проверяемых тем по грамматике и хотя учить надо все, но не все темы одинаково востребованы. Интересно?

Вот и пришло время для нашего третьего выпуска тестов по грамматике английского языка, которые могут быть полезны для готовящихся к сдаче централизованного тестирования по английскому языку в 2015 году. Подготовка ЦТ — процесс долгий, и поэтому надо готовиться или два года из расчета 4 часа занятий в неделю, или один при нагрузке 6 часов в неделю. Естественно, я имею ввиду работу с педагогом, а самостоятельная работа — вообще понятие не ограниченное по времени. По своей структуре, предлагаемые тесты достаточно близки по содержанию к ЦТ. На блоге достаточно материалов, которые копируют содержание заданий ЦТ почти на 90 %, и предлагаемые выпуски регулярных тестов дают возможность получить начальное представление о темах, проверяемых на централизованном тестировании по английскому языку.

Готовимся к ЦТ по английскому языку

1. Do this experiment … first, you will … experiment is on … page 29.
A) -/the/-
B) the/the/the
C) at/an/the
D) -/an/the
E) -/the/the
2. Some say: … Man proposes, … God disposes.
A) -/-
B) a/the
C) the/the
D) -/the
E) the/-
3. … money which he gave my brother was coming to … end.
A) The/an
B) -/the
C) A/the
D) The/the
E) A/a
4. I know there is a man like you here and I’ll keep … eye on you … day and night.
A) the/the
B) the/a
C) an/-
D) a/a
E) an/a
5. Florida, … the Sunshine State, attracts many visitors every year.
A) known as
B) was known
C) is known
D) is known as
E) that is known
6. On July 20, 1969 Austronaut Neil Armstrong … down into the Moon, the first person to set foot on the planet.
A) was stepping
B) has stepped
C) was stepped
D) is stepping
E) stepped
7. Fish were one of the earliest forms of life. Fish … on the Earth for ages and ages.
A) have existed
B) are existing
C) exist
D) were existed
E) exists
8. I don’t blame you for not … to go out in this awful weather.
A) wanting
B) wanted
C) want
D) to want
E) wants
9. The office staff decided … a retirement party for Gregory.
A) to have
B) to have had
C) have
D) having
E) had had
10. We decided … after a hard day at work.
A) going shopping
B) to go shop
C) going to shop
D) to go shopping
E) to shopping
11. «Please, close the window, my son», — asked father.
Father asked his son … the window.
A) does close
B) to close
C) closed
D) will close
E) had closed
12. «Please, don’t go out after dark», — said Ann.
Ann … John not to go out after dark.
A) said
B) threatened
C) warned
D) promised
E) permitted
13. If you … the article I put forward, you’d know how to answer such questions.
A) read
B) would read
C) had read
D) will read
E) are reading
14. If the task … easy to carry out, I could do it.
A) was
B) had been
C) is
D) were
E) would be
15. It’s … today than yesterday. It isn’t … cold today … it was the day before yesterday.
A) warmer/as/than
B) warm/as/as
C) warmer/as/as
D) warmest/as/as
E) the warmer/as/as
16. There wasn’t … food left but there were … drinks.
A) any/-
B) some/some
C) some/any
D) any/any
E) any/some
17. How are we going to finish when we have got only … time and … people to do it?
A) a little/ a few
B) a few/a little
C) a few/a few
D) a little/a little
E) a little/-
18. My sister and I were invited to Nodir’s birthday.
A) we/it
B) she/it
C) they/his
D) we/him
E) we/them
19. Yesterday your parents had to speak to the headmaster, … ?
A) had they
B) hadn’t they
C) do they
D) didn’t they
E) did they
20. A: I don’t think he’ll beat his opponent and you?
B: … .
A) They won’t either.
B) So shall I.
C) Neither will they.
D) Neither do I.
E) Nor will they.

PS. Централизованное тестирование по английскому языку требует много времени и усилий  и я надеюсь, что наши тематические тесты по грамматике, напоминающие по своему содержанию тестирование, будут вам полезны на ранних этапах подготовки к ЦТ.

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