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Тема how to deal with various problems

Ещё один топик без официального названия. Давайте назовем его how to deal with various problems? Может быть вы придумаете ей более интересное название чем я?

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Our life is full of misfortunes so it’s impossible to avoid running up against problems. From time to time the problems we face up to get us down. So it’s of vital importance to resist their depressing influence otherwise we won’t be able to be happy. The skill of taking pleasure in life comes in handy to anyone.  When it comes to mastering such a skill everything boils down to your point of view. As all of you know pessimists have a tendency to blacken everything, whereas optimists try to take no notice of the bad side of the situation and do their best so as to concentrate on the plus points. For example, pessimists grumble that the glass is half empty while optimists claim that the glass is half full. It’s a small wonder that the latter are much happier. Happy people are more likely to carry off difficult tasks because they never give in. However bad the situation is they never lose hope. As a result, optimists are more successful in life. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to cope with the bad mood. Otherwise you stand no chance of becoming a success.
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