Тема What is the ideal place for you to live in? Why?

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I don’t like crowded places so my choice would be to live in isolation or at least in the country where neighbors know each other. I find it strange to live in a block of flats and be unaware of those who live next door. People in big cities have to rush for fear they might be late. Now and then everyone might run up against a problem so it’s of importance to know to whom you can turn for a piece of advice. As for the type of accommodation I would sooner live in a mansion. To my mind it’s the best type of accommodation for people like me who praise privacy most of all. The best things about living in a mansion are extensive gardens and pleasing surroundings. The former is a perfect place for solitary walks and the latter is a source of immense joy as nothing can be more appealing than nature. Some say living in big cities turns you into a person who has nothing to say but agrees with others. I think there is a grain of truth in the statement though you may regard it as a far fetched one. I don’t want to lose my personality. A few decades ago living in an isolated place meant having difficulty finding a well-paid job. Nowadays it is possible to work in one place and live in another. Working via the INTERNET is what I am getting at. It’s a novelty in our country now, but this kind of employment is slowly gaining popularity in the neighbouring countries: Russia and Poland. Maybe it will become a reality in our country as well.
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