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Изучаем фразовые глаголы в английском языке с round up 5 set & stand

Предлагаем текстовые упражнения для изучения фразовых глаголов по книге Round Up 5. В каждом наборе упражнений вы не только изучаете новые фразовые глаголы, но и повторяете ранее изученные в рамках данной серии статей. В данной публикации мы знакомимся с set & stand ().

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы

Unit 11

Exercise 38

Match the phrasal verbs to the correct definitions.
1 stand up 2 stand for 3 set up 4 stand up to 5 set out 6 set off 7 stand by 8 stand in for
A to start trying to achieve something B to do someone else’s job while they are away C to be a short form of a word or phrase D to refuse to accept unfair treatment from someone E to support someone when they are in trouble F to start a journey somewhere G to get up so that you are standing after you have been sitting or lying down H to start a company or organization

Exercise 39

Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1. It’s a bit pathetic when a thirty-five year old man can’t stand *** his own mother. 2. You have to stand *** in court and promise to tell ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ 3.Jenny set *** down the road on her new bike. 4. She plans to set *** her own business. 5. She set *** with the aim of becoming the youngest ever winner of the championship. 6. It took a lot of bravery to stand ***and criticize the chairman. 7. Can we find someone to stand *** Jane at the office while she’s on holiday? 8. All of you know what this party stands ***. 9. His wife stood *** him despite all of the rumours in the press 10. Whatever happens you know that I’ll stand *** you. 11. A committee has been set *** to organize social events in the college. 12. What time will we have to set *** tomorrow? 13. He was a stand-*** my regular doctor. 14. It takes bravery to stand *** a bully as she did. 15. Would you stand *** for a moment, I want to see how tall you are. 16. ‘GMT’ stands *** Greenwich Mean Time. 17. We shall stand *** the decision we made on reforms. 18. I didn’t know you worked in this department. — I don’t. I’m just standing *** a colleague. 19. Government records show that Winston Churchill wanted to purify the British race to make it strong enough to stand *** other nations. 20. The government has agreed to set *** a public enquiry. 21. It’s time we were setting *** for the station. 22. She affirmed her intention to stand *** the residency. 23. They set *** to discover a cure for cancer. 24. They set *** on a venturesome journey across the mountains.

Exercise 40

Fill in the gaps with correct particle.
1. е set *** on another of his European pleasure tours. 2. They felt the British economy was being held *** by excessive government controls. 3. I wouldn’t break the law for a friend, but I would stand *** her if she did. 4. What does the ‘M.J.’ stand ***? Maria Jose? 5. We were told to look *** for a blue van. 6. After he left college, his father set him *** in the family business. 7. It was their love that got me *** those first difficult months. 8. Don’t put ***going to the dentist’s if you have toothache. 9. It’s only a matter of time before they bring *** their own version of the software. 10. He’s too weak to stand *** his opponents. 11. Do you, too, run *** money long before the next payday? 12. She wondered whether to call *** on Mark on the way home. 13. Go *** and think about it, then let me know. 14. One lucky winner will have the chance to be made *** and photographed. 15. A man at the back stood *** to ask a question. 16. We will then carry *** research to fill in the gaps in our knowledge. 17. Lozano claimed that motorcycle driver Clement Lloyd was trying to run him ***. 18. Rescuers had to call *** the search because of worsening weather conditions. 19. The rescue services are still trying to put *** the fires. 20. I couldn’t make *** the house number in the murky light. 21. After his beating Colin ran *** and hasn’t been heard of since… 22. A truck ran *** me hit my car at the lights this morning. 23. We can’t go *** like this-we seem to be always arguing. 24. Look *** the term you want in the index. 25. I haven’t even put any lipstick ***. 26. Never put anything *** on paper which might be used in evidence against you at a later date… 27. Liz put *** the contrary point of view at the meeting and a lively discussion followed. 28. When setting *** on a long walk, always wear suitable boots. 29. My assistant will stand *** me while I’m away.

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