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Изучаем идиомы в английском языке Часть 10

Этой записью продолжается серия статей по идиомам в английском языке. Предлагаем вам выучить идиомы по учебнику Round Up 5. В этой записи мы работаем с содержанием юнита 10.

Список идиом для изучения

be hard on sb — относиться к кому-то или строго или не дружелюбно
be short of — испытывать недостаток в чем-то
be sound asleep — спать глубоким сном
be flat out — быть измученным
be out of work — быть безработным
be out of patience — терять терпение
be thick — быть глупым
be in sb’s shoes — быть на чьем-то месте

Упражнение на закрепление изучаемых идиом

Заполните пропуски используя изученный материал.
Don’t be too hard on him — he’s new to this job. He is likely to do well in the future.
Jane didn’t pick up the phone. She must have been sound asleep.
I wouldn’t say that you are thick but math is unlikely to be your favourite subject.
Mark had a terrible row with his boss. I don’t want to be in his shoes.
John has been out of work for a year. He is a sales manager at the local shop now.
Our teacher was out of patience after we had failed our exam.
Being flat out she asked for a day off.
Could you lend me some cash? I am short of money.
He is out of work at the moment so he has difficulty in paying his bill.
I do need more rest since I am flat out.
How could he have been so thick to fail the exam?
If I were in her shoes, I would talk to him. She can’t expect others to obey her.
She was out of patience as had sent numerous applications and received no replies.
The baby was sound asleep after I had switched the light off.
Well okay, perhaps I was a little hard on her. I shouldn’t have criticized her.
May I hand in my essay in a week? I am short of time now.

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