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Изучаем идиомы в английском языке Часть 11

Этой записью продолжается серия статей по идиомам в английском языке. Предлагаем вам выучить идиомы по учебнику Round Up 5. В этой записи мы работаем с содержанием юнита 11.

Список идиом для изучения

behind bars — в тюрьме
full of beans — полон жизненной энергии
out of the blue — неожиданно
by and large — в основном (целом)
take it easy — не волноваться по какому-то поводу
in a flash — очень быстро

Упражнение на закрепление изучаемых идиом

Заполните пропуски используя изученный материал.
Simply take it easy and tell us what will happen.
The robbers were finally caught and put behind bars.
The answer had come to him in a flash. Others were miles behind him.
Then, out of the blue, he sold his house and left the country. We were surprised by his decision.
I’ve never known anyone be so full of beans at the end of a long day at work.
There are a few small things that I don’t like about my job, but by and large it’s very enjoyable.
Take it easy, Ann. Everything is going to be just fine.
Though she’s much older now, she’s full of beans and leave her options open.
Just wait here. I’ll come back in a flash.
By and large, the performance was a success. However, some things call for improvement.
He had been behind bars for 10 years before he was realeased last year.
The opportunity came out of the blue. That was sheer luck.

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