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Изучаем идиомы в английском языке Часть 5

Этой записью продолжается серия статей по идиомам в английском языке. Предлагаем вам выучить идиомы по учебнику Round Up 5. В этой записи мы работаем с содержанием юнита 5.

Список идиом для изучения

throw a party — устроить вечеринку
hit the roof — сильно расстроиться
fight like cat and dog — серьезно ссориться
rain cats and dog — лить как из ведра
swim like a fish — хорошо плавать
cut a long story short — короче говоря
have a memory like an elephant — никогда не забывать
eat like a horse — есть много

Упражнение на закрепление изучаемых идиом

Заполните пропуски используя изученный материал.

The exams are over. Let’s throw a party.
He grew up at the seaside so he could swim like a fish.
I needn’t loads of details. Just cut a long story short!
If you eat like a horse you will have problems with extra weight.
It is no wonder that he won that competition since he had a memory like an elephant.
He hit the roof when he was told about the price of her new dress.
As ​kids we were different we would ​fight like cat and ​dog.
She won a competition at the local swimming pool so she must swim like a fish.
We didn’t go out as it was raining like cats and dogs.
To cut a long story short, she married a good guy and they lived happily ever after.
He is good at history. He never forgets every single date or fact. He has a memory like an elephant.
You should cut down on the amount of food you consume. Don’t eat like a horse.
My parents hit the roof when they knew about my failure at the entrance exams.
We had different opinion of the matter. I am sorry to say that we fought like cat and dog.
There are grey clouds in the sky. It is going to rain like cats and dogs.
Let’s throw a party and invite all our friends.

При выделении пропусков вы сможете ознакомиться с ответами.

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