Изучаем предлоги в английском языке: P3

Продолжаем изучение английских предлогов, которые употребляются со словами начинающимися на букву P. Это упражнение на предлоги основано на книгах Вирджнии Эванс. Из ее книг были заимствованы списки слов, а упражнения подобраны нами из словарей с определенной модификацией примеров.

Предлоги в английском языке P & Q

You should take more pride *** your work.
(in ) in|on|of|for
He’s always been prone *** headaches.
(to ) on|with|about|to
They climbed onto the roof to protest *** conditions in the prison.
(about ) with|about|into|for
The government was not in a position to provide them *** food.
(with ) with|about|to|for
What did they quarrel *** ?
(about ) with|for|about|up
The student seemed puzzled *** what the question meant.
(about ) in|up|about|with
Modesty prohibits me *** saying what happened.
(from ) away|out|from|off
I was getting quite quick *** designing websites.
(at ) by|at|with|in
This lightweight jacket gives good protection *** the rain and wind.
(from ) off|from|out of|away
She quarrelled *** everyone in her office.
(with ) over|with|to|about
He was punished harshly *** his crime.
(for ) on|for|to|with
The students had worked hard, and I’was proud *** them.
(of ) on|-|in|of
He began his speech with a famous quotation *** the Bible
(from ) off|away|out of|from
He prides himself on his accuracy and fluency.
(on ) at|on|with|in
To qualify *** the tournament you have to be over 18.
(for ) for|over|in|to
A long thin wool coat and a purple headscarf protected her *** cold…
(against ) against|by|through|out of

Это упражнение на предлоги хорошо подойдет для подготовки к любому экзамену формата B2 — ЕГЭ или FCE. С теорией можно ознакомиться в этой публикации. Другие части упражнения доступны по ссылкам: часть 1, часть 2.