Изучаем предлоги в английском языке: R2

Продолжаем изучение английских предлогов, которые употребляются со словами начинающимися на букву R. Это упражнение на предлоги основано на книгах Вирджнии Эванс. Из ее книг были заимствованы списки слов, а упражнения подобраны нами из словарей с определенной модификацией примеров.

Предлоги в английском языке R

Physics is closely related *** mathematics.
(to ) with|to|at|on
He has little respect *** authority whatsoever.
(for ) in|for|out|with
The protestors had to be physically removed *** the court.
(from ) from|away|off|out of
He has a notorious reputation *** womanizing.
(of ) of|with|on|up
What experience do you have which is relevant *** this position?
(to ) to|in|with|by
He has a very good relationship *** his uncle.
(with ) among|at|between|with
They replaced the permanent staff *** part-timers.
(with ) for|by|with|into
This reminds me *** New Year’s parties.
(of ) with|of |up|about
This job is open to all, regardless *** previous experience.
(of ) of|in|with|to
here is clearly a need for further research *** this topic.
(on ) at|for|by|on
Her social worker has written a report *** the case.
(on ) with|out|to|on
Lots of people now rely *** the Internet for news.
(on ) with|for|on|out
There is a friendly relationship *** the two men.
(between ) among|in|between|with
There were very few replies *** our advertisement.
(to ) to|into|for|with
You do not need to remind people *** their mistakes.
(about ) with|up|for|about

Это упражнение на предлоги хорошо подойдет для подготовки к любому экзамену формата B2 — ЕГЭ или FCE. С теорией можно ознакомиться в этой публикации. Доступны другие части упражнения: часть 1, часть 3.