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Изучаем предложные фразы в английском языке

Изучаем предложные фразы в английском языке вместе с Virginia Evans FCE Use of english. Вашему вниманию предлагается упражнение flash card созданное с помощью программы hot potatoes. В качестве смысловой основы использованы слова из первой колонки в указанном пособии.  При каждом перезапуске страницы ЛЕ предъявляются в случайном порядке.

Предложные фразы к централизованному тестированию


Предлагаемое интерактивное задание по теме » Предложные фразы» предназначено для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения предлогов в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ/FCE или их аналогов.

В этой записи рассматриваются следующие предложные фразы

at the age of at the airport at an auction at the beginning of (when sth started) (but: in the beginning = originally) at one’s best at breakfast/lurch etc at the bottom of at the bus stop at church at the corner/on the corner at all costs at the crossroads at dawn at one’s desk at the door at ease at the end (= when sth is finished) (but: in the end = finally; at at events) at fault at first
by accident by all accounts by appointment by the arm/hand by auction by birth by bus/train/plane/ helicopter/taxi/ coach/ ship/boat/sea/air/car etc (but: on a/the bus/plane/ train/coach/ship/boat in a taxi/car/helicopter/ plane) by chance by cheque
for ages for breakfast/lunch/dinner for certain for a change for over for fear (of) for fun (= for amusement) for good for granted
in action in addition to (+ -ing form) in advance (of) in agreement (with) in aid of in all (= all in all) in answer to in an armchair in a bad temper in bed in the beginning (= originally) in blossom in a book in brief in any case in cash in the centre of in charge (of) in cities in code in colour in comfort in common in comparison with in conclusion (to) in (good/bad) condition in confidence in control (of) in the country in danger in the dark in debt in demand in detail (be) in difficulty in the direction of in doubt in a … dress in due course in the end (= finally) in exchange for in existence in fact in fashion in favour of/with in flames in the flesh in focus in one’s free time in full swing in fun
on account of on a … afternoon/ evening on the agenda on the air on approval on arrival on average on bail on balance on the beach on behalf of on one’s birthday on board on the border on business on call on a campsite (at a campsite) on condition on the contrary on credit on a cruise/excursion/ trip/tour on (a …) day on demand on a diet on the dote
out of breath out of character out of condition out of control out of danger out of date out of debt out of doors out of fashion
off the air off colour off duty off limits
under age under arrest under one’s breath under control

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Май 11, 2015
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