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Изучаем словообразование по Destination C1-C2 Часть 3

Сегодня мы работаем с темой «Time and work» из третей части Destination. Продолжаем последовательно развивать навыки словообразования. 

Упражнение на словообразование Time and work

1.Before creating this sculpture, she studied all the masterpieces of classical ***. (antique)
2.She left the room, presumably to *** her make-up. (apply)
3.He has been accused of *** public funds. (apply)
4.How many *** did you have for the job? (apply)
5.These regulations are *** to visitors from outside the European Community. (apply)
6.New machinery has enhanced the company’s productivity and ***. (compete)
7.As long as the school system keeps offering *** wages, people looking for jobs will apply
elsewhere . (compete)
8. People need basic education if they are to become ***. (employ)
9. We need a reference from your former ***. (employ)
10. The police want to interview every *** about the theft. (employ)
11. Motherhood seemed to her an *** cycle of cooking, washing and cleaning. (end)
12. He seems to think that I have an *** supply of money. (end)
13. I’m looking for a travel insurance policy that will cover me for any ***. (event)
14. There was a general air of *** in the crowd. (expect)
15. Their problems started when the President *** vetoed the bill. (expect)
16. The theatre is a *** steel and glass structure. (future)
17. You chose exactly the same wallpaper as us — what a ***! (incidence)
18. We had a marvellous meal at that restaurant you recommended — ***, I must give you the
number of a similar one I know. (incidence)
19. His work done, Nation collected his fee and promptly set off in search of other work, as did
any other *** writer. (job)
20. These naturally dried flowers will *** a bouquet of fresh blooms… (last)
21. Their contributions to science have earned them an *** place in history. (last)
22. His gross *** left the company desperately in need of restructuring. (manage)
23. 74 per cent of teachers found the paperwork was ***. (manage)
24. Some see themselves as the provider of ideas, while others view their role as essentially ***.
25. He would be forced to make a *** decision by the end of the day. (moment)
26. There was a *** pause in the conversation. (moment)
27. The equipment should be tested ***. (period)
28. Improved safety measures in cars can be *** as they encourage people to drive faster. It was
such an unproductive meeting — we achieved hardly anything. (produce)
29. The horse completely *** the jump and threw its rider. (time)
30. It was this passion for fast cars that led to his *** death at the age of 43. (time)
31. They’re doing *** to get the job finished on time. (time)
32. The dresses that she designs are elegant and ***. (time)
33. To be honest, I think the scheme is completely ***. (work)
34. She *** her speech for a younger audience. (work)
35. You’ve been *** – why don’t you take a week off? (work)

Как я отмечал ранее, зачастую словообразование уровня cae оказывается по силам большинству участников централизованного тестирования (ЦТ) по английскому языку и поэтому эта серия публикаций будет полезна и им.

Данный материал по теме «словообразование по Destination С1&2 к теме Time and work» предназначен для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне advanced (C1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзамена CAE или его эквивалентов.

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