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Как употреблять инфинитив и герундий IELTS

Сегодня мы узнаем, что нужно знать по теме инфинитив и герундий для успешной сдачи экзамена IELTS. Если не получается выучить содержимое грамматических справочников, то попробуем собрать минимум по данной теме.

Что нужно знать, что бы правильно употреблять инфинитив и герундий

Инфинитив употребляется после таких глаголов как: ask, afford, decide, deserve, help, hope, learn, offer, prepare, promise, refuse, seem, want, would like.
He decided to go away and make a fresh start.
What had she hoped to achieve?
Tonight’s meeting promises to be an unforgettable one.
Герундий используется после таких глаголов как: avoid, carry on, consider, deny, enjoy, finish, give up, imagine, involve, keep, like, mind, practise, recommend, resist, suggest.
They’re considering visiting Poland next year.
She could not imagine living with Greg.
She couldn’t resist laughing at him in those baggy clothes.

Упражнение по теме инфинитив и герундий для IELTS

Anyone who drives like that deserves (to lose) their driving licence. LOSE
My father’s offered (to take) us to the zoo. TAKE
She tried to avoid (going) shopping on Saturdays. GO
Her parents used to enjoy (walking) in the mountains. WALK
The managing director refused (to say) how much she earned. SAY
Her job involves (spending) much time with other people. SPEND
Look, I wanted (to apologise) for today. APOLOGISE
It was raining heavily, and he suggested (calling) a taxi. CALL

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