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Тема He who knows how to work knows how to rest

А вот и еще одна «поговорка» — He who knows how to work, knows how to rest в качестве топика для устного высказывания.

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This statement is undoubtedly true. Everyone has only 24 hours everyday. The majority of people find it comforting to complain that they are always late and wish they would have one hour extra. If you keep an eye on them we will see ordinary time wasters. Constant putting off doing what you intend is a typical feature of people of this kind. Some are not brave enough to face real life whereas others are just lazy bones. Immature is the word I may use to refer to the two kinds of people. Life is full of misfortunes but why not to have a go? If we succeed, it’s good. If not, we will become a little bit more experienced. After all experience is what we praise but don’t dare to gain. We often see time as something endless and consequently let it go hoping for tomorrow. The young think that any wasted time may be made up for though it’s almost always impossible despite efforts undertaken. Any lost time is lost forever. The old are fully aware of it but the flavour of this knowledge is bitter as it results from missed opportunities. Successful people are always good at time management. They plan what they want to do and never fall back. I think it’s the only key to success. No matter how strong you are sooner or later you will be sick and tired. Rest is of vital importance if you are seriously determined to achieve what you want. There are many different theories about the proper rest. Most people prefer to do nothing. Watching TV is a popular choice, though it’s not the best one. I think swapping types of activity is the best thing one can do. After hard physical work doing a crossword is a good solution. After yet another brainstorm I try to swim or jog. Some people are in favour of walking in a park. Some say it helps when you are off the hinges.
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