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Тема Learning a language is an everlasting process

В теме Learning a language is an everlasting process вам придется рассказать о том как вы изучаете иностранный язык. А почему бы и нет?

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I have been learning English for 9 years and as for me it is as clear as day. So as to make it out lets have a closer look at what is know as a language. In the distant past, the Stone age for instance the life of human beings was rather primitive and so was their language. They simply didn’t have what to discuss. It’s a small wander that the languages of tribes living on islands in the Pacific ocean are comparatively simple as they don’t have complex grammar and an extensive vocabulary. As for more advanced societies, their languages are more elaborate in terms of vocabulary at least. We have more things to be referred to and consequently a wider range of vocabulary. Everything changes at a hectic pace in our world. A lot of things come out, but not fewer disappear forever. Not long ago, LPs were novelties in music industry, but they were replaced with cassettes, cds, dvds and blue ray discs in succession. We have to come up with new words for new things in our lives. Sometimes novelties bring about newer grammar rules. As all of you know the plural form of the word «a mouse” is mice when we speak about animals, if we talk about computer devices the plural form turns out to be mouses though some thirty years ago it was a mistake to say so. Apart from that any language has its regional forms which are called dialects. They may differ in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. The last one is a relatively unchangeable part, though the first two are easily influenced. Lets have the word schedule, for instance. The British usually pronounce it as sh, but two thirds of those who were born after 1970 prefer sk. Maybe in 50 years sk will become the only way of pronouncing the word.
As I told you before the world we live in is constantly changing so is any language. Any language is a reflection of the life of a native speaker of it. That’s why any language can be learnt all one’s life. By the time you have got acquainted with the latest edition of register of new words hundreds of new words will have emerged.
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Январь 17, 2015