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Набор упражнений на словообразование (CAE) Часть 5

Вот и последняя часть заданий по словообразованию для advanced learners. Теоретической основой для написания серии заметок послужила книга польских авторов. О высоком качестве их пособий, отвечающих принципу : максимум упражнений, я уже писал ранее. Примеры для составления упражнений в основном были заимствованы из монолингвальных словарей, которые размещены в открытый доступ их издателями. В последнее время моей симпатией больше всего пользуется collins dictionary ведь с него помощью вы с легкостью можете отыскать пример употребления слова в художественных произведениях, а не искусственных примерах большинства словарных статей. Хотя раньше я и этому был несказанно рад и любимым словарем был уже не выпускаемый cambridge international dictionary of english.

Упражнение на словообразование

Use the words in brackets to form a word that fits the gap in the same sentence.

1.The house benefits from a deceptively *** kitchen. (space)
2.Burton’s enemies had made false *** against him. (accuse)
3.Nancy, who had been *** for some time, suddenly spoke…(think)
4.I’m sorry to be so ***, but can I let you know tomorrow? (decide)
5.We had a terrific start to the season, but recently we’ve been ***…(consist)
6.It would be sheer *** to pray for success, since I’ve never believed in God.(hypocrite)
7.Deliberately making people suffer is ***. (moral)
8.Motorists were warned to beware of *** conditions.(slip)
9.There are fine *** by Kathy Bates and Daryl Hannah. (perform)
10.Wearing an *** blouse and old-fashioned skirt, Lisa looked older than she was.(attract)
11.She was rather *** about the wisdom of eating the seafood. (doubt)
12.He found it very hard teaching a class full of *** teenagers.(differ)
13.It’s *** the way some people treat their pets.(shame)
14.A young airman had carried out the *** inspection of the instruments.(day)
15.Perhaps he is just trying to mask his own ***. (secure)
16.He said the firm had made the job cuts with great .(reluctant)
17.He was found guilty by a of 10 to 2. (major)
18.The of the death penalty following the revolution remained intact. (abolish)
19.He’s a shallow, *** man, for all his business acumen. (agree)
20. He was looking for a quiet *** wife who would obey his every word.(submit)

Для просмотра ответов выделите область экрана помеченную  [ ]

[1.spacious 2.accusations 3.thoughtful 4.indecisive 5.inconsistent 6.hypocrisy 7.immoral 8.slippery 9.performances 10.unattractive 11.doubtful 12.indifferent 13.shameful 14.daily 15.insecurity 16.reluctance 17.majority 18.abolition 19.disagreeable 20.submissive]

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