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Наречия времени

Давайте познакомимся с наречиями времени.Наречия времени: today, last year, daily, weekly, before, finally, already, soon, still, last.

Видео для изучения наречий времени

Такие наречия характеризуют момент совершения действия(когда?).
• What’s the date today?
• They met every day.
• Every Monday Mr Whymper visited the farm.
• Today, people are much more concerned about their health than they were in the past.
Наречия времени на -ly, а также already, soon, last, still, just находятся обычно в середине предложения.
• I’ve already told him.
• It will soon be impossible for foreigners to enter the country.
• I’m still hungry.
• I still haven’t finished my essay.
• He’d just got into the bath when the phone rang.

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