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Тема Necessity is the mother of invention

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Сочинение на тему Necessity is the mother of invention

It goes without saying that it is true to life. If you look back on the history of mankind you’ll see that lack of something important lead to coming up with interesting solutions to everyday problems. One of many stories which may illustrate what I have already said is the invention of the light bulb. As you know it was invented by Thomas Edison. He wanted to make up a way to light the streets of the city in the evening. As you know many crimes are committed in the darkness of night, so he believed that getting rid of darkness would help to lower the crime rate. The story I mentioned can also illustrate that persistence in trying to achieve what you want is of vital importance. He is said to have carried out thousands experiments but all of them were unsuccessful. If he had given up then we would be using candles by now. As any person I sometimes find myself in a situation when I lack in the resources available to get by. The only way to get through difficult situations is to start looking for short-cuts. So I have to be inventive to make up for the disadvantages of my position in the situations which are mentioned above.
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