Олимпиады по английскому языку. Тест по лексике № 0054

Предлагаем вашему вниманию упражнение по мотивам ошибок, допущенных участниками районных олимпиад по английскому языку.

Упражнение по материалам для подготовки к олимпиадам

1.Her business quickly built up a base of … customers.
[B] A plain B regular C primary D normal
2.Could you … about your plans for the weekend?
[C] A state B remark C tell D talk
3.They were asked to … their essays by Monday.
[A] A submit B give C sell D deal
4.Explosives are advised to deal with … caution.
[A] A extreme B extensive C intentional D deep
5.He was joking, but she … him seriously.
[D] A employed B covered C completed D took
6.She … him of stealing money but there was no proof.
[C] A blamed B charged C accused D criticised
7.All actions have no direct … on the current situation.
[B] A question B effect C result D reaction
8.He is believed to have a huge … of paintings.
[D] A pack B kit C mixture D collection
9.She played … emphasis on the gave seriousness of the problem.
[D] A unique B alone C lonely D special
10.The restaurant had a fine selection of … wines.
[C] A old-fashioned B ancient C vintage D archaic
11. They lost every … thing when their house burned down.
[B] A only B single C one D sole
12.I’d … stay in than go out. I am unwell.
[A] A rather B had C prefer D mind
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