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Повторяем Use of English (Harrison) Unit 1 Устойчивые словосочетания *** Фразовые глаголы

Повторяем или изучаем ЛЕ из Use of English Unit 1 с помощью интерактивных flash cards.

Фразовые глаголы изучаемые в этом юните

be away = go to another town, country / уехать
be on = be shown — film, programme, etc / показывать
be out of sth = not have any more of something / закончиться
be over = be finished / быть завершенным
be up = be a problem / быть проблемой
be up to s.o. = be someone’s choice or decision / быть чьим-то решением
do away with = cause something to stop existing or being used / избавиться от
do up = repair and decorate a house, apartment, etc / чинить или украшать
do with = need (used with could, want or need) / нуждаться
do without = manage, despite not having something / обойтись без

Устойчивые словосочетания изучаемые в этом юните

cause confusion = create a situation of not understanding
cause (s.o.) trouble = create an unpleasant situation
do work = use your body or mind on a task
have a/the feeling = sense sth
have a relationship (with s.o) = associate with s.o.
have sympathy with/for = feel pity for / feel sorry for s.o.
make an assumption = believe sth is true without any proof
make a comment = give an opinion;say sth
make a contribution to sth = do something that helps towards a result
make a decision = decide, reach a conclusion
make an excuse = give a false reason
make a mess = create an untidy state
= do something very badly
make a mistake = do sth wrong
make a profit/a loss = make or lose money
make a statement = give an account of facts
make a suggestion = put forward an idea
make certain = check sth is true or sth happens
take place = happen (of an event)
take (sth) seriously = believe that something is important
take (the) time = require a period of time

Тренажер для изучения слов

Устойчивые словосочетания


Фразовые глаголы


Предлагаемые интерактивные карточки по теме «лексика» предназначен для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения устойчивых сочетаний, фразовых глаголов в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ/FCE или их аналогов.

Способы выражения частотности

invariably = always or almost always
time after time / time and (time) again = many times
over and aver again = repeatedly
as a rule = usually or habitually
as often as not = very frequently
generally / most of the time / normally = usually
all the time = very often
constantly / continually = all the time
frequently / regularly = often
periodically = at intervals
every so often / now and then = occasionally / at times
from time to time / now and again = sometimes
once in a while =  almost never but occasionally
rarely / seldom / hardly ever = almost never
in a while = in a moment


memory (память) — memorable (памятный), person (человек) — personal (личный), use (польза, пользоваться) — useful (полезный) , history (история) — historic (важный) historical (исторически достоверный), addition (дополнение) — add (добавлять) — additional (дополнительный), culture (культура) — cultural (культурный), miss (промах) — missing (отсутствующий), marvel (чудо) — marvellous (изумительный), peace (мир) — peaceful (мирный) , energy (энергия) — energetic (энергичный).

Слова схожие по значению

contain = содержать в себе * This textbook contains 14 units.
consist of = состоять из * Our team consists of 12 players.
involve = включать в себя * His job involves dealing with lots of important documents.
include = иметь что-то частью себя * The price includes service, delivery costs and income tax.

particular = особый * What particular film you want to see?
single = один * This job couldn’t be done by a single person.
unique = уникальный * She had a unique opportunity to make a fortune, but she missed the chance.
individual = по отдельности Let’s see to each individual problem, one at a time.

win = побеждать, как правило, в соревнованиях
gain = приобретать что-то, как правило, медленно и постепенно.
earn = зарабатывать
achieve = достигать какой-то цели

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