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Повторяем Use of English (Harrison) Unit 12 Фразовые глаголы *** Предлоги

Повторяем или изучаем ЛЕ из Use of English Unit 12 с помощью интерактивных flash cards.

Фразовые глаголы с переводом

carry out sth = do a task / выполнить что-то
check in = go to the desk to register when arriving at a hotel, airport, etc / зарегистрироваться
count on = rely on, depend on / рассчитывать на что-то
hand in = give a piece of work, a document, etc to a person in authority / сдать работу, дз.
knock down = destroy a building, often in order to build sth new / снести
live up to = be as good as expected / соответствовать чему-то
pick up = learn, usually by watching or listening rather than by having lessons / выучить что-то
show off = try to attract attention by behaving in a way that in fact annoys others / хвастаться, зазнаваться
wear out = become useless because of being used a lot or for a long time / износиться
work out = find or try to find a solution to sth / найти решение проблемы

Предложные сочетания с переводом

according to = as said by s.o. or stated in sth / согласно с, в соответствии с
at all = used for emphasis in a negative statement / совсем
at least = used for saying that there is sth positive in a situation which is generally negative / по крайней мере
at a pace = at a specified speed / с определенной скоростью
belong to = be owned by / принадлежать кому-то
by hand = not made by machine; made by people using their hands / ручной работы
in search of = looking for / в поисках
in the light of = as a result of; after learning about or considering / в свете чего-то
on average = being the usual amount or level / в среднем
to + noun = describing feeling causing the feeling / к удивлению/ужасу/восторгу

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Фразовые глаголы




Словообразование изучаемое в этом юните

amazed — amazing — amazement, amused — amusing — amuse — amusement, angry — anger, anxious — anxiety, delighted — delightful — delight, depressed — depressing — depress — depression, disappointed — disappointing — disappoint — disappointment, embarrassed — embarrassing — embarrass — embarrassment, excited — exciting — excite — excitement, fascinated — fascinating — fascinate — fascination, nervous — nervousness, relaxed — relaxing — relax — relaxation, sad — sadden — sadness, tired — tiring — tiredness, improved — improving — improve — improvement, solve — solution.

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