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Словообразование глаголы (префиксы dis mis un re)

Продолжаем работу с книгой «Английский язык. Тесты по грамматике. Типичные ошибки Тests in the Use of English with a Supplement on Special Difficulties.» Сегодня мы работаем с упражнением, посвященным образованию глаголов с помощью префиксов dis, mis, un, re.

Упражнение на словообразование:

1 He took off his sweater and *** his shirt. BUTTON
2 The bridge is being *** in honor of the city’s former mayor. NAME
3 «I just need to get changed.» he said, *** his shoelaces. TIE
4 What he saw there left him with a profound *** of all political authority. TRUST
5 Her mother *** of her working in a pub… APPROVE
6 You need a key to *** the safe. We need to get in. LOCK
7 He accused them of trying to *** national resources. DIRECT
8 When the children *** she was unable to cope. BEHAVE
9 Ten minutes later she *** from the storeroom holding the paint. APPEAR
10 The house was extensively *** after the fire. BUILD
11 Can someone help me to *** my seat belt? DO
12 We will agree to *** troops and leaving their weapons at military positions. ARM
13 We *** how long it would take to get there. CALCULATE
14 Not wishing to *** her, he avoided answering the question. PLEASE
15 The Prince’s words had been *** . INTERPRET
16 Sarah was finally *** with her children at the airport. UNITE
[1 unbuttoned 2 renamed 3 untying 4 distrust 5 disapproved 6 unlock 7 misdirect 8 misbehaved 9 reappeared 10 rebuilt 11 undo 12 disarming 13 miscalculated 14 displease 15 misinterpreted 16 reunited]
Ответы видны при выделении.

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