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Тема What would you do with a penny fall?

Тема What would you do with a penny fall? выросла из ответа на вопрос If you were rich, how would you use your money? Как вы знаете, на олимпиадах по английскому языку вопрос с легкостью может стать темой.
Предугадать все не получается и если ребенок сам не говорит, то просто заученные темы сыграют с ним злую шутку. Участник олимпиад должен уметь развивать ранее заготовленный вопрос до объемов темы.

Сочинение по теме What would you do with a penny fall?

Many people would be happy to find themselves in a situation like this. Having loads of money is a dream for many people, but it is not all that simple. Being rich is not only about pleasure but some kind or burden. Many people who suddenly become rich have difficulty living in a happy way. Let’s have a look at lottery winners. Before winning their lives are remarkably ordinary. When they buy a lucky ticket and become wealthy their lives change drastically. They have money but they don’t know what to to with it. It takes them relatively little time to waste all their money. Being rich is constant care about your welfare. Unless your decisions are wise you are bound to lose money.
Had I a lot of money I would use it into three ways. Some money is to be donated to charity. It is not ethically right, but it also reduces the amount of taxes you have to pay. Loads of people have financial problems and it’s good to give them a helping hand. Donation to charity is a good thing to do. Apart from it’s a good idea to support some group of scientists trying to work out a solution to one of many deadly diseases. But for their discoveries we would still be hunting wild animals. Last but not least financing ventures is a way of ensuring your prosperity in future. Most start-ups will be failures, whereas only a few of them will be a success which will make up for unsuccessful investments. Money hates the unwise and leave them sooner or later.
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