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Тематическая лексика Buying and selling

Расширяем свой словарный запас по теме Buying and selling при подготовке к ГИА по английскому языку

Упражнение на лексику по теме Buying and selling

1.A television (advertisement/coin) is a picture, short film, song that tries to get people to buy a product.
2.I can’t (afford/waste) a new sport car.
3.Which (brand/sale) of shampoo do you use?
4.A clothing (bargain/catalogue) is a book with a list of all the goods that you can get at a shop.
5.We need to make a few (changes/brands) to the design of our new product.
6.That machine doesn’t take 25p (receipts/coins).
7.Mr Wilson is one of our regular (customers/sales).
8.She’s working in a bar to try to pay off her (debts/customers).
9.The survivors are (exporting/demanding) that the company pays them compensation.
10.The police recovered a large amount of stolen (advertisements/property).
11.Remember to keep (receipts/coins) for any thing bought.
12.I’ve (saved/selected) some money for you.
13.Our neighbours put their house up for (sale/catalogue).
14.Jane has done a (variety/coin) of jobs.
15.She made a (fortune/fee) by selling her pictures to the newspapers.
16.Singapore (exports/spends) large quantities of rubber.
17.The University (owns/invests) a lot of the land around there.
18.We (demand/import) about 70 percent of our food.
19.He (obtained/purchased) a law degree from the University of LA.
20.We couldn’t afford to pay the teacher’s (fee/fortune).
21.She (saved/afforded) her pink dress for special occasions.
22.We’ve (selected/wasted) three candidates for this vacancy.
23.He (costs/owes) a lot of money to the creditors.
24.He’s (selected/invested) over a million dollars in the city’s restoration project.
25.Nick’s new house must have cost a (coin/fortune)!
26.We’ve (saved/cost) almost $900 for our wedding.
27.Could I have a (brand/receipt)?
28.It’s very hard for a new business to make a (profit/receipt) in its first year.
29.The airline regularly offers last-minute bookings at (fortune/bargain) prices.
30.Strawberries are in short (fortune/supply) at the moment.
31.Tickets must be (purchased/cost) two weeks in advance.

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