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Тематическая лексика Learning and Doing

Отрабатываем лексику по теме Learning and Doing? Вам предлагается упражнение для закрепления лексики по предложенной теме.
Широкий словарный запас это хорошо, но если лексика еще и структурирована, то это еще лучше.

Упражнение на лексику по теме Learning and Doing

1.I’ve been working all day but I feel I’ve (achieved/guessed) next to nothing.
2.The accident left him with lasting (brain/report) damage.
3.Jill is very (clever/wonder) at biology.
4.I can’t (pass/concentrate) on my studies with all that noise.
5.Don’t make any appointments before you’ve (hesitated/considered) the matter.
6.Tim did a three-year (mark/course) in physics at Newcastle.
7.They’re going away on a training (course/skill) next month.
8.She has a (degree/instruction) in graphics.
9.Do you have any (term/experience) of working with little children?
10.He’s (an expert/a subject) on British literature.
11.He knows from (experience/skill) not to play with open fire.
12.I’m worried about (failing/reminding) my midterm exam.
13.I would say he probably works for the Ministry, but I’m just (guessing/concentrating).
14.She (hesitated/wondered) slightly before giving her answer to the inspector’s question.
15.I had strict (instructions/marks) to call them as soon as I got home.
16.I’m not (making progress/searching) with my French.
17.I’ll just (pass/make sure) I’ve turned the computer off.
18.She always gets good (marks/guesses) in Maths.
19.A doctor was asked about the (mental/expert) state of the suspect.
20.A cloud (passed/marked) over the Moon.
21.Some nursing experience is a necessary (qualification/brain) for this position.
22.Could you (remind/achieve) Paul about the meeting on Saturday?
23.His helpfulness today has made me (revise/experience) my impression of him.
24.I (wonder/pass) what he’s making for breakfast.
25.John likes watching a news (report/term) every evening.
26.You need good communication (skills/degrees) to be a translator.
27.I’ve (searched/wondered) my bedroom but I can’t find my mobile phone.
28.Peter is an exceptionally (talented/mental) engineer.
29.IT is my favourite (subject/report).
30.We’ve got an oral exam at the end of (term/report).
31.I need (an expert/a smart) dress for my interview.

Рассматриваемый материал по теме » Learning and doing: лексика » предназначен для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения лексики в английском языке на уровне intermediate (B1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ГИА/PET или их эквивалентов.

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Июль 8, 2015
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