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Тематическая лексика Working and earning

Отрабатываем лексику по теме Working and earning с опорой на материал изложенный в учебной пособии Destination B1…

Тест на лексику по теме работа и заработки

1.She’s on quite a good (salary/staff) in her present job.
2.I wish to speak to the (tax/manager).
3.He put too much (pressure/poverty) on the door handle and it snapped.
4.I’ve sent off (companies/applications) for four different jobs.
5.How much do you (earn/retire), if you don’t mind me asking?
6.Since (interviewing/retiring) from the company, she has done voluntary work for a charity.
7.He won’t be able to draw his (pension/strike) until he’s 65.
8.They’re putting up the (tax/staff) on cigarettes.
9.They could take legal action against you if you break the terms of the (manager/contract).
10.Chris (deserves/impresses) our special thanks for all his efforts.
11.The strike seriously reduced coal deliveries to (ambition/industry).
12.Our (goal/fame) is for the country to be fully independent within two years.
13.The (taxes/staff) are not very happy about the latest pay increase.
14.I haven’t had much (poverty/income) from my stocks and shares this year.
15.Some miners were calling for a nationwide (strike/profession) in support of 20 colleagues who’d been fired.
16.Two million people in the city live in very great (leader/poverty).
17.I had an (interview/tax) for a job with a publishing firm.
18.The accounts (goal/department) is/are having a Christmas party this week.
19.Training is provided, so no (wealthy/previous) experience is required for the job.
20.With their natural resources they are potentially a very (previous/wealthy) country.
21.The town’s (fame/strike) rests on its beautiful cathedral.
22.We’re entertaining some (pensions/colleagues) of Ben’s tonight.
23.He works for a software (goal/company).
24.He left the teaching (fame/profession) in 1965 to set up his own business.
25.He tried to (earn/impress) me with his extensive knowledge of wine.
26.When he retires he will be able to look back over a brilliant (application/career).
27.I started up my own business and now I’m my own (colleague/boss).
28.He has already achieved his main ambition in life — to become wealthy, political (ambitions/companies).
29.She was elected as (industry/leader) of the campaign group.
30.Cigarettes are heavily (taxed/deserved) in Britain.
31.I closed my Edinburgh (bank account/salary) when I came to London.

Данный материал по теме «Working and earning: лексика » может быть использован для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения лексики в английском языке на уровне intermediate (B1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ГИА/PET или их аналогов.

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