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Тест по фразовому глаголу GET

В этой записи вам предлагается тест по фразовому глаголу GET по мотивам материалов учебника Round Up 6. С теоретической частью вопроса можно ознакомиться здесь.

Тест по фразовому глаголу GET

1.You can always catch up later if you get … .
[A] A behind B down to C up D out of
2.Don’t stand here talking. Get … them!
[C] A to B at C after D behind
3.I don’t know how they’re going to get … that trouble.
[D] A round B away C to D over
4.I haven’t got … to doing my homework yet.
[B] A away B round C off D by
5.We must get … the simple fact that nature protection is important.
[B] A back B across C over D through
6.They used to get … all sorts behind her back.
[D] A round B down to C on with D up to
7.We knew it wouldn’t be easy to get … the police.
[A] A away from B away C back to D down
8.It’s impossible to get … with them. They are naughty.
[D] A about B to C on D along
9.Then life started to get … to normal.
[C] A down B across C back D into
10.We need to get … to some serious talking.
[B] A up B down C over D after
11.It’s amazing what people will do to get … breaking rules or even committing crimes.
[A] A out of B back C down to D up
12.Will you manage to get … this summer?
[C] A through B back C away D round
13.News like this gets … really fast.
[D] A on B into C down D round
14.She is likely to get … with a small fine.
[B] A about B off C on D through
15.Sometimes you will have to get … on very little.
[B] A though B by C off D away
16.Did you have to get … an entrance examination?
[C] A about B round C through D after
17.How are you getting … with your essay?
[A] A on B over C at D into
18.She didn’t get … with blackmailing and was put into prison.
[B] A across B away C through D by
19.She’s got an old car which she uses for getting … .
[A] A about B away C on D up to
20.If a word got … now, the scandal could be disastrous…
[A] A out B behind C across D into
21.She sometimes gets … worrying over her health.
[C] A at B down C to D into
22.I’ll find out the prices and get … you in a minute.
[D] A away B behind C after D back to
23.He got … from time to time, but mostly he coped very well.
[C] A up B on C down D into
24.A cow was standing near a bush on its legs, trying to get … the leaves.
[B] A about B at C out D off
25.She never used to be so rude to people. What got … her?
[D] A away B round C on D into
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Май 5, 2016