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Тест по фразовому глаголу GIVE

В этой записи вам предлагается тест по фразовому глаголу GIVE по мотивам материалов учебника Round Up 6. С теоретической частью вопроса можно ознакомиться здесь.

Тест по фразовому глаголу GIVE

1.They are giving … all their old books. Hurry up if you want any.
[B] A off B away C in D out
2.The goods were about to go off so they simply give them … .
[C] A to B up C away D back
3.She gave … cycling after an unhappy collision with an old oak.
[A] A up B for C on D back
4.At the end of the day, he gave … trying to solve the puzzle.
[B] A to B up C through D away
5.The professor asked her to give … application forms.
[D] A into B off C on D out
6.We just want them to give us … our car.
[D] A away B to C up D back
7.The computer is giving … to much heat. There is something wrong with cooling system.
[C] A back B away C off D out
8.We had nowhere to run, so we had nothing to do but gave herself … .
[B] A odd B up C out D through
9.It was given … that teachers’ salaries will be cut down.
[A] A out B up C back D away
10.Their food supply gave … two months ago. They must have died.
[A] A out B back C away D to

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