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Тест по фразовым глаголам call и carry

В этой записи вам предлагается тест по фразовому глаголу BRING по мотивам материалов учебника Round Up 6. С теоретической частью вопроса можно ознакомиться здесь call и carry.

Тест по фразовым глаголам call и carry

In the end, he had to carry … his order.
[ out ] on|out|away|off
Can you ask Ann to call Marry … when she wakes up?
[back] off|up|back|out
These matters should be carried … for discussion at our next meeting.
[ over ] over|through|off| on
She didn’t see me as she was carried … with her thoughts.
[ away ] off|away|out|through
‘In here!’ he called … while opening the door.
[ out ] on|up|for|out
I’ll call … you at eight o’clock and we will go the the cinema.
[ for ] over|back|up|for
He promised to call … later and meet her.
[ back ] off|out|for|back
The sound of the train called … memories of my childhood.
[ up   ] back|over|up|in
Though is wasn’t easy he carried … his part of acting.
[ off   ] out|on|off|over
It’s a tough job, and we expect you to carry it … .
[through] through|away|on with|in
They carried … a few experiments to test the idea.
[ out ] away|on|down|out
The teacher called …. all the boys of the class
[ over ] up|over|into|off
She denied carrying … with a neighbour.
[ on ] over|on|down|out
They called … an immediate response to the border accident.
[ for ] back|up|for|on
I don’t have much time, but I will probably call … on you later.
[ in ] out|in|off|back
I believe his courage will carry him … .
[through] away|over|through|out
The lifeboat was called … a few days ago.
[ out ] out|over|off|up
She was carried … to prison by the police.
[ off ] out|on|off|through
He was called … 7 days after the war broke out.
[ up ] for|up|on|over
They wanted to call … the concert because of the singer’s illness.
[ off ] back|out|off|over
The company have called … the police to look into the matter.
[ in ] in|off|on|back
You simply had to carry … as though nothing’d happened.
[ on ] through|off|on|away

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Март 28, 2016