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Тест по словообразованию по материалам ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку Часть 3

Данная публикация подводит к концу перенос моих материалов с learn-english.blog.tut.by Указанный блог и ряд ему подобных создавался в рамках инициативы по созданию учительских блогов в ГУО СШ №20 г.Орши. О данном учебном заведении у меня остались самые теплые воспоминания. В этой заметке вы познакомитесь с продолжением упражнения на словообразование созданного по мотивам задний централизованного тестирования по английскому языку предложенных в 2009 году.

Упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 1.

30.Please don’t ask me to make any *** about tomorrow’s meeting. (predict)
31.The project has attracted considerable criticism from the *** community. (science)
32.The team blamed injuries and lack of *** for their failure to win. (prepare)
33.How many *** took part in the race? (compete)
34.Their complaints have been *** ignored. (large)
35.Efforts are being made to research it ***. (science)
36.Her parents divorced and her *** was unhappy. (child)
37.She’s *** (that) her mother might find out her secret. (terror)
38.Exercise has become part of my *** routine. (day)
39.They had to trek for miles through *** countryside. (hospitable)
40.She was a small, dainty child, *** her sister who was large and had big feet. (like)
41.*** to sleep, I got up and made myself a drink. (able)
42.His parents were worried by his increasingly *** behaviour. (rational)
43.There must be an *** to people sleeping on the streets. (alternate)
44.Girardo was out of action with *** injuries for most of last season. (vary)
45.The programme traced the *** of popular music through the ages. (develop)

[30. predictions 31.scientific 32. preparation 33. competitors 34. largely 35. scientifically 36. childhood 37. terrified 38. daily 39. inhospitable 40. unlike 41. Unable 42. irrational 43. alternative 44. various 45. development] Для просмотра выделите область заключённую в [ ]

Упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 2.

A predict *** prepare *** large *** science *** day *** like *** rational *** vary
1.I don’t want to make *** as I know very little about it.
2.She was *** his husband. They are completely different.
3.Without thorough *** you will stand no chance.
4.Despite several inaccuracies her account of the event is *** true.
5.It is *** to expect him to follow your instructions. He has a different view of your future prospectives.
6.You shouldn’t run the laboratory since you hardly have any *** experience.
7.Unless you don’t take the medicine on a(n) *** basis you will not make a quick recovery.
8.***plans have been put forward though nothing met his approval.
[1.predictions2.unlike3.preparation4.largely5.irrational6.scientific7.daily8.Various ]
B science *** compete *** child *** terror *** hospitable *** able *** alternate *** develop
1.It is dubious *** but several people claimed to have witnessed it.
2.There in no *** to my solution. Try harder and we will do it.
3.The *** were asked to get ready and the race started.
4.The locals were *** and we went for another place.
5.Delays in the *** of this technology had a bad effect on economics.
6.His *** was not a happy one. He had to work a lot as a child..
7.They were *** to build the bridge and had to ask for help.
8.The accident left her *** and no psychologist could have been of help.

И ЦТ, и ЕГЭ, являются экзаменами уровня B2. Изначально их составители ровнялись на FCE . Наличие схожих частей в трех разных экзаменах позволяет использовать одни и те же задания для подготовки к двум другим.
Данный материал по теме «Тест по словообразованию » предлагается для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ, FCE, ЦТ или их эквивалентов.

Продолжение публикации доступно тут. Первую часть можно найти по ссылку. Список слов встретившихся в блоке заданий на словообразование в тестах централизованного тестирования 2009 года вы найдете здесь.

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